If you have ever had the need to setState() multiple times in the same update cycle, then you may have run into problems with the fact that setState() is asynchronous.

React Router Basics

I recently built a single page app at work that uses react-router-dom to guide users through a setup process. I was impressed with how easily this module handles routing and I thought I would write a quick blog post that explores the basics of the React Router.


After surviving the Markdown Previewer project last week the camper leaderboard project went smoothly. I still needed to do some research to complete it, but I didn’t feel anywhere near as lost. Below are my learnings.


A few weeks ago I saw an ad on Facebook for a website called CodeFights. It looked interesting to me so I checked it out (apparently Facebook advertising does work). I signed up with an account and got started on my first code challenge. My first opponent was Botasana.

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One of the first tasks I was given as a developer was to add multi-lingual support to one of the websites that I maintained. I didn’t recognize it at the time, but the localization system was in serious need of a refactor. As a brand new developer, I didn’t know a whole lot about writing clean code. I just built upon what was currently there. It wasn’t until I was almost done with the project that I realized just how awful the code was.

If Hemingway Wrote Javascript

Up until this week, I had never actually read a programming book all the way through. Although, I’m not sure that If Hemingway Wrote Javascript by Angus Croll really counts as a typical coding book. It’s only a couple hundred pages, and although it has many coding samples in javascript, it is more of a discourse on the creative possibilities of the Javascript language.