He was tall, slim and strong.


I'm just kidding.


Where do we need to go?

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Try to calm down.

You know something?

Don't do anything you might regret.

It really is nice.

Aren't you ashamed of the way you behaved?


When is Spock expected back?

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Is that your roommate?

She froze me in her stare.

I'd appreciate an answer as soon as possible.

I've done that and I'm sure I'll do it again.

You'd do the same thing if you were me.


He died rather young. He'd just turned 59 years old.

He has no regard to appearance.

The vending machines are over there.

Raanan turned around when he heard someone yell his name.

Someone is watching them.

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Hopefully she doesn't grow up to be a maniac like the rest of her family.


Thuan is an ordinary-looking guy.


There is nothing to him.

Samir always has her nose buried in a book.

It is fortunate that you should have such a good friend.


I have to go meet with them.

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Briggs wouldn't let Kay do that.


That sounds like a big waste of money.

Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.

He hurled defiance at me.

I'm afraid you can't marry her.

But where do we get those sentences? And how do we translate them?

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If anything goes wrong, give me a call.

Homicide is punishable by death.

Is that why you won't help them?


Maurice is supposed to be here by now.

Rayan is planning to meet his friends at the local pub.

I hope Panacea isn't watching us.

People hear without listening.

Let's go to lunch.


He hates singing in public because his songs are kind of bad.

Venezuela asked oil-producing countries to cut oil production to force prices up.

It has been a long time since we have been this happy.


He remained dumb.


He is always trying to do the impossible.

Willie used to spend a lot of time with Jaime.

The government prohibits us from carrying guns without a license.

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Unable to prove his innocence, he was forced to leave his native town.


Panacea has no school spirit.

I need more time to finish my homework.

He stuck to the original plan.


Kenneth won't know what to do.

The only thing that's certain is uncertainty.

The grapes are so sour that I can't eat them.


They appointed him manager.

Where have you gone?

Jeannie and Ralf were too tired to fight.

You made him do it, didn't you?

Kelly and I are here to help you.


It is difficulties that show what people are.


Get in your places.

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I can't get used to him.


We respect him.

Wisdom follows me, but I am faster.

Cole had the annoying habit of hardly ever answering email messages.

Sonja was breathing deeply.

Eddy wants a unicycle.

She tried hard in vain to make both ends meet on a small salary.

That hole should be filled, not covered.

I wish you were close to me.

Eris was first found by a team of astronomers at Palomar Observatory in California.

Stevan had a problem with Blayne.

Ken runs faster than you.


The boy came back.


I'm certain that if you work hard you will succeed.

A little heavier rain might cause a flood.

Another man has died.

Earnie's interesting.

Kenneth gave Claudio the key to the Vespa.

It's going to be great to get a good night's sleep without worrying about Clarence anymore.

Bell lived in London, right?


I'm not the only one who doesn't know how to do this.

Randall says he doesn't really want to talk about this.

You should have the picture of you and your mom that you recently took in Boston framed.


Who broke the window? He did.

Dan persuaded Linda to help Matt.

She said she was happy.


Paula was called away on urgent business.


Red wine, please.

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She's playing with her friends.


It will not be long before the winter vacation ends.

What'll you do tomorrow?

To support Cantonian people in their noble struggle against Han Chinese racists is what all the honest people should do.

You shouldn't take this medicine on an empty stomach.

We somehow managed to swim across the river.


There will be no more problems.

Maybe he liked the idea.

Lorien couldn't solve the puzzle.

The enemy is weakened!

Do you have injuries?

Leave it where you found it.

The angry people deprived the king of all his power.


Let's try to read.


Sanjeev got an acting job in Hollywood.

You might see Andreas there.

Can you blame me?

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This is my lucky day.

They've got friends.

Israel told Ti that he had seen John in January.

We must give hope to those left behind in a globalized world.

We don't know much about what happened.


She's sleeping.


Chess and checkers are favorites with them.


Round trip or one-way?

To defend the city, they built an elaborate system of tunnels of their own.

The less you know, the better.

Should I tell?

I have made up my mind now.

Do you think it's going to snow tomorrow?

Everyone gathered together for the picture.

We're not there yet.

Did you say 30?


Xavier is a young student studying economics at the University of Paris.


I won't have you lying to me!

I remember this word.

I hear from Raphael at least once a month.

We'll stay here as long as we can.

I was up almost all night.

He was raised in an artistic family.

I was the only one who didn't know Geoffrey had been in prison.

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Do you have a table with a view of the ocean?

Police are seeking witnesses to the armed robbery of a fast food outlet at 11 o'clock last night.

I didn't know Sonja was that fast.

We're good friends, nothing more.

Sun makes all the difference.

When do you mean to start?

I don't even know what that is.


This contradicts all norms and rules.

The boys brush their teeth.

I want to thank you for picking Timo up after school.

Let me help you with those groceries.

He has built two houses so far.


I've turned into the most annoying type of student.

Does the apartment have a balcony?

It is difficult to leave one's homeland.

We have a lot to offer each other.

He was a good person.

Her career was rich and exciting.

I don't like that at all.


When was the last time you fasted?

She is wearing a brooch.

I'm not impressed by your magic tricks.


The word that is known to anyone is a greeting.