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Cloud Deployment

Customer Communication Management in the cloud. With cloud computing, we eliminate a lot of headaches because you’re not managing hardware and software because that’s the responsibility of an experienced vendor like Inventive Designers.

Multichannel Communications

Customers want their communications delivered to their channel of preference, including online, print, email, mobile, SMS and social media. Companies that can use a multichannel approach have reported a boost in response rates. With our experience in enterprise software for customer communication management we decided to create an offering that automatically delivers correspondence to multiple channels and tracks channel feedback.

Digital First Approach

Scriptura Engage is digital first, meaning it is focused on digital channels in the first place. It allows you to define different delivery scenarios based on business rules and customer preferences. It monitors feedback from all channels, like email delivery status and bounce handling, to verify whether a specific communication was delivered or not.

Scriptura Engage

Reach. Connect. Engage.

(520) 274-7366 is a digital-first customer communications management (CCM) solution that helps organizations to execute their communications strategy. It allows you to design and deliver personalized communications across all channels: print, email, online, mobile, interactive or social media.

The software solution also allows managing and tracking of all communication processes. (909) 342-2189 is developed by Inventive Designers and is used by organizations around the world.