Saiid found that book difficult to read.

Let's stop finding fault with each other.


I hope you're all sufficiently rested.


He was made my servant.


The murder charge was reduced to manslaughter.

His index finger is shorter than his ring finger.

What's the occasion?

When are you in Munich?

He has gone to Osaka on urgent business.

He is away on holiday.

I couldn't put up with her arrogant behavior.

When studying a language, one must work hard and not worry about making mistakes, because by making mistakes you can get better.

Mario leaves because Dodong is late

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Patrick's dog is well-trained.

You aren't busy now, are you?

The theater used to open up even on Saturdays.

You made that clear yesterday.

Keiko isn't as tall as I.


Did you pass Erick on the road?


Vernon didn't have to work last Monday.

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Tomorrow is Mother's Day.

The only girl who ever really liked Torsten was Anatole.

Celebrate! Tomorrow we may die!

To my surprise, he failed in the exam.

We must look at the problem from a global point of view.

May you live long!

Sweden has its own language.


Everybody knows he likes her and she likes him.

What we need now is a rest.

Someone saw it happen.

Digital helpers make our everyday life easier. Instead of relying on our own memory, we prefer external ones. Where will this trend lead?

This is the last time I'll allow the maid to drive my car.

Which anti depressant would you recommend for someone who can not take hormones?

You should study hard in order to enter university.


I searched in my pocket for a coin to make a phone call.

You can't change him.

Could we do this later?

What is out of the lips, is out of the citadel.

They don't want assistance.


Are you prepared?

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I'm sure Micah's having a great time.

Galen thinks very highly of you.

They knew what friendship is worth and cherished it like the apples of their eyes.

He is not always happy.

What did I win?

Ignorance is bliss.

This isn't about money.

I will survive.

I beat one.

Reiner doesn't know the difference between thin and scrawny.

What's keeping Les?

I've got the devil's own luck in everything.

She knows exactly what she wants.

I found out what's wrong with Sandy.

I've studied it.

The matter is of no importance.

I was born in the year 1977.

Cory fell asleep.

I don't like her one bit.


Kirk had the room to himself.

I won't go unless Izchak goes with me.

We're searching for a solution to the problem.


I suggest that we speed things up a little.


What are you staring at?

I became a director.

Srikanth's a likable guy.

The stream becomes shallower as you move upriver.

Ricardo shot Sue in the knee.

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She provided a good dinner for us.

I didn't understand him.

Miltos thought he heard a dog barking.


She mounted the horse with ease.

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Saul is nonplussed.

She has great respect for her form teacher.

I couldn't think straight.


I plan to be in Boston next summer.

She ran for the door.

Translating is not nearly as easy as many people might think.

Sho lost his control.

As new competitors and predators arrive, even the most abundant Arctic species in the northern Barents Sea, the local Polar cod, could become extinct.

Irving told us you couldn't be trusted.

I'm sorry. I have another appointment.

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You just saw David, didn't you?

That's my dictionary.

They aren't dating... yet.

What's the number of the fax machine in this hotel?

I told her you were hungry.


Just give me 48 hours.

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Well, why dost thou say nothing, but stand there as if thou wast dumb?

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We're going to need some more coffee.

Have you got a car?

I wasn't too busy.


For rescuing me, I shall grant you one wish.

Lonhyn doesn't need us.

I liked Tony.

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I'm on my way home.

She is cautious of giving offense to others.

I myself have, before becoming employed by this company, twice spoken bluntly to the people at the top.

The children are lined up for the bus.

Why did you buy a flower?

You will have heard the sad news.

I'm ruined.

I didn't want it.

Why did you interrupt us?

The conflict escalates.

The poor duckling was driven about by every one; even his brothers and sisters were unkind to him, and would say, "Ah, you ugly creature, I wish the cat would get you," and his mother said she wished he had never been born.

If I want to have sex in my seventies, I have the right that a place exists to provide me that pleasure.

What exactly does Jagath have in mind?


He guided the man through the streets to the station.

The housing project has fallen flat.

Sylvan thinks he's related to me.

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This sentence is too long.


You're not one of them, are you?

The convention opened as planned.

You didn't give him a chance.

How long are you going to be away?

The worst thing imaginable just happened.

We had hardly reached there when it began to rain.

Why should I have to leave?


The vampire was shot with a silver bullet.

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Florian didn't come, nor did Jane.

The teacher kicked her out of class.

It's kind of embarrassing.


I always cry when we say goodbye.

I assume Argentina will beat Turkey.

He climbed Mount Fuji four times.

The safest thing to do is just wait.

It never snows in this country.


Concerning this matter, I'm the one to blame.

He threw a rock into the pond.

Michael lived in an interesting part of Boston.

Drop me a line as soon as you get there.

How silly of you!


It's a very good plan.

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It is never too late.

"Can you smell something burning?" "Oh, I went and burnt the toast."

To understand someone is to love someone.

You've got to answer the question.

I don't want him to get into trouble.

Benjamin just couldn't say no.

People are funny.

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Marla did it for us.

Hey, what's the deal?

Jarvis likes kittens.


Miltos thinks martial arts are silly.


I usually don't eat just one banana for breakfast.

The river flows down to the sea.

Joanne is only interested in good-looking girls.

She is so tall!

I didn't want to seem pushy.


He's on sentry duty.


He sat reading a book.


I didn't want to see Anatole get hurt.

We need to know more about them.

I left my umbrella on the bus.

Gothic novels reappeared at the end of the century.

Your hair is perfect.

In British English, "to get the sack" means to be fired from your job.

You can trust that I will never break my promise.


Sally threatened Siegurd with a knife.