Dwayne is much fatter than Jean.

Janos and Nici are moving back home.

That girl wanted to become a movie star.

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I obeyed the rules.

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My parents are travelling overseas for a week.

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I hate not being able to understand things when people are speaking French.

That cake is delicious.

Who wants a hot chocolate?

I know you'll get the job.

To my surprise, her reply was flatly negative.


It looks like rain. We should close the windows.

Mwa and Hsi haven't done their homework yet.

Doyle's attitude is awesome.

She prepares wholesome meals for her family.

We have work for them.

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Don't you worry about her.


Go tell them to get ready.

What do you think Gale is going to do?

Let's talk about that right now.


Let us go forward together.

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Has he become able to speak English?


Steve will get married to Nancy next week.


He is in high spirits today.

I bought this biro for 2 dollars.

This must be one of the worst jobs in the world.


No one saw me take it.

How does a Thermos know how to keep hot things hot and cold things cold?

Everybody is concerned about that.


I cannot leave them completely alone in the shop.


All his friends backed his plan.

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You seem to have some trouble understanding what I'm trying to tell you.

I cannot grill this meat. It has gone bad!

I'm not staying in a hotel.

Pravin was born in a tiny town in Alabama.

You're the one who lied.

If we're not careful, the tiger will soon go the way of the dodo.

He has a good knowledge of Russian grammar.


This apple tastes sour.


What do you usually eat for lunch?


I couldn't see.

Father is angry with me.

I have ten pens more than you do.

This is the first time I've set a trap.

"I am not going into the forest after bear cubs," said the elder brother.

The truth will come out.

You and Belinda were childhood friends, right?


How nice to see you up and about again so soon!


Melinda had to cut the class in order to meet us.


We need a car.


I'm average-looking.


I liked what Elric said.

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We caught them by surprise.

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We walked along the beach.

Live and let live, is Angela's philosophy of life.

Are you watching me?


Don't worry. I'll let you know when to turn.

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We're free now.

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Emil brought his children with him.

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The road dips suddenly.


Toby named his boat after his girlfriend, but then she left him.

I was scared that Peter would hurt me.

I'm headed the other way.

I'll go and look for Tai.

Dean seemed to enjoy it.


He died leaving his widow and this one boy, with a small business, a long doctor's bill, and sad memories of the past.

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I wanted to hear you say that.

Playing tennis took my mind off things.

It was obvious that he wanted to kiss her.

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I must protest.

See you on the slopes at the crack of dawn!

I love goat cheese.

Nobody I know got killed in South Central L.A.

They paid little attention to my words.


Do you happen to know where she lives?


I'd better get to work.

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We used up the shampoo.

The seats are all sold out.

Romania is a Balkan country. Its capital is Bucharest.

I think I'd better help her.

Philip's exaggerating.

It's starting again.

You have to understand that he died.

They acclaimed him their leader.

You keep me hanging on.


Lou bought a bottle of cheap wine.

I would have said the same thing.

There is also one type of idealism that says even without strength or intelligence you can do anything if you can merely persist.


I'm sure Johan will succeed.


I would often visit the museum when I lived in Kyoto.


I had a very tight schedule last week, but this week I'm relatively free.

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I highly recommend it.

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He had his sister help him paint the wall of his room.

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Should we tell them?


It'll happen again if we don't correct it.

Algeria is situated in North Africa.

Here is the fish my mother baked.

We are eating breakfast indoors.

I don't care what June does.

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He scored 85 on the exam.

I'm here for personal reasons.

Nathaniel is never getting out of prison.


I've never agreed to those rules.


Nothing was said concerning the matter.

I know how special Johnny is.

Tory wants to show he isn't a coward.


I've been found guilty.


Nothing in nature is useless.

The history course is interesting.

She's a girl after my own heart.

We have more important things to discuss.

We're alone.


Walter is the guy I told you about.


It's all about intelligent allocation of resources.


We can't give you any more details at this time.

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Are you still working for us?


She acknowledged having made a mistake.

We have wine.

My sister dressed herself for the party in a hurry.

Her husband is an excellent cook.

I'm taking a couple of days off.


She likes strawberries and her sister apples.

You won't need an umbrella today.

He wanted to swim across the river, but he failed.

Ask him for advice.

We need to come up with a plan.

I would react very badly.

Everybody is calling for sweeping reforms.


I want to be ready.


Winning the election was a great victory for the candidate's political party.

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I have left you your dinner in the oven.

I took Geoffrey's temperature.

Is Dan aware of what he did?

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I'm jealous.

What's it like to be deaf?

Smoking is not allowed in the restaurant.

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He's a fantastic person.

My family still has their Christmas lights out even though it is April 21st.

He speaks fluent Russian, or at least that's what he told me.


I have to go meet with him.