Rock climbing without proper equipment is dangerous.

Louie always yells at Matthias every time she does something stupid.

Griff drove.

Ann apologized to her teacher for coming to school late.

They married boys older than them.

How's Tommy?

I tell you that I am personally against abortion.

I just don't agree with him.

We don't like them.

The train will be twenty minutes late.


She cried reading the letter.

I really didn't see it coming.

Everyone believes that they have prepared for their old age.

Colonists often take a shine to indigenous women.

Did you get the flowers that I sent you?


He fooled her.

Kurt reluctantly agreed.

The woman who answered the phone spoke French.

We all feel terrible.

I feel bad for her.

He's a very zealous worker.

The noon siren is blowing.


He is unable to provide for his family.

Don't sit down on the sofa.

Mayo's not fat.


Elizabeth made Melinda happy.


Dion cleared off the table.

Daniele has worked in Australia.

Please don't take pictures here.

I saw Uri going into the cave.

I had an argument with him.

Many Russians demanded an end to the war.

Now, in Latin there are twenty-three letters: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, x, y, z.

I wasn't working with Trying on that project.

The German Shepherd was limping down the street.


You have to tell Leith.


It's still too cold to wear shorts.


The city of Bonn just invented the "hookermeter", to tax prostitutes who cruise its sidewalks, and I just invented the word for that.

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It wasn't much of a brawl.


I am a realistic person.

I'm counting on you guys.

It doesn't make economic sense.


Finally she attained a position of power.

I'm from Paris, France.

There's no need to wait.

I didn't come here to fight with you.

He left his native village never to return.

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His opinion was not accepted.


Would you like to learn to speak English like a native speaker in two weeks?

We elected Ms. Jordan chairperson.

It was planned.

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She took the trouble to meet her friend at the airport.


I think we have to make a decision.

Her puppy is clean.

It's time for us to go to bed.


Let no one of you speak.

Maybe we can buy you a new one.

I consider him my enemy.

Who was this window broken by?

You like jazz, don't you?


Why don't you leave him alone?

It's one of the basic human instincts.

Norbert loves to party.


That's the best name I've ever heard.

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Do you even remember us?


I like hot springs that are off the beaten track.


Don't pretend what you don't feel.

Douglas has the respect of everyone here.

Everyone needs someone to turn to when they're in trouble.


That is an odd question.

I didn't know what else to do.

I intend to do so.

She recognized the master spy with multiple identities when his wig fell off.

Jack and I jog together.

Del doesn't seem to be in a rush.

She's my sister.

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He puts his money in the bag.


Hillary and Masanobu were discussing their problems with John.

Did you find the book interesting?

Fletcher's car screeched to a stop.


She took a long time to choose her hat.

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It's all dark outside.

She's not coming back.

You may take photos of the outside of this museum, but you may not take pictures of the exhibits inside.

I'm calling security.

Why do you need them?

Many people attended Lyndon's funeral.

I think it's all wrong.

We don't even know each other.

You're safe in here.


I was surprised by the news this morning.

The girl I spoke to you about lives in Tokyo.

She held him by the sleeve.


Marvin was a very tough opponent.


Do you really want me to start?

I just want to let you know that I think you're the most beautiful woman that I've ever seen.

I think it a pity that he told a lie.


Svante is beginning to catch on.


Move to the left.

He is respected by everybody.

I got up at 8 o'clock today.

I noticed her, too.

His coworker pulled the rug out from under him.


The face was was so white, so thin, with eyes so large, wild, and hungry-looking, and the black, unkempt hair, into which the snow had drifted, formed so strange and weird a frame to the picture, that I was fairly startled.

I can barely read his writing.

I was trying to forget everything.

Al Gore is a global-warming activist.

I can't make out what you're saying.

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Brad opened the glove compartment and took out a pair of sunglasses.


If you were to ask your banker where he invests his money, you would also have to ask your dentist to open his mouth so you could examine his teeth.

There are many birds in this park.

Your generation didn't understand sexuality.


Duane might not know that we're here.

My parents won't let me have a dog.

He invited us to get in the car.


Today is my second day of my side job.


I can't tell you about it yet.

Whenever he calls on me, he leaves something behind.

Monica never even asked Glen about that.


It's very obvious that he likes you.

What is the difference between a stalactite and a stalagmite?

That goes for you too!


Mehrdad stared at Lar in shock.


Mayo told me that he didn't want to come home empty-handed.

We got lost in the desert with no water or food.

The children had the benefit of a good upbringing.

It's now your turn.

I'll never forget Jeannie's face.


Trent doesn't know anyone here.


I'm an assistant.

He speaks Japanese well.

Melinda picked up the menu and looked at it.

Is it OK if I touch this?

She offered me some marmalade.


In the Palatinate the pastor goes to church with a pipe.


Dory has been very nice to us.


My door is always open.

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I can do the job right!

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You can make up to 80,000 yen a month in that part-time job.

I suppose you want me to invite Cathy to the wedding.

It is so humid in summer here.


Take a map with you in case you get lost.


I am shelling eggs.

He is an exemplary person with an excellent reputation.

If you really wanted to, you could buy me a motorcycle.

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I am looking forward to it.

My mother can't ride a bicycle.

I'd prefer not to comment on that now.


That does not make sense.