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  • versatile hooks clothes airer dryer
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Latest review - Mini

I have found this clothes airer to be just what I needed for my small courtyard in my villa. It is very stable, not like the cheap and nasty clothes airers that I have bought before. Thanks
Tuncurry NSW

The last clothes airer you'll ever buy


  • While most washing line alternatives to Hanging Stuff clothes airer offer a single level of line, the Hanging Stuff has rails using a multi-level design, providing a greater opportunity for airflow allowing for faster drying.
  • All models are fitted with hooks, providing more versatility. Socks, underwear, hats, shoes, etc can be hung from the hooks, and this also provides the perfect space for clothes hangers. A feature not available on traditional washing lines.
  • The simplicity of the Hanging Stuff clothes airer is one of its superior features. No wrestling is required when folding for use or unfolding for storage.
  • The unique design and features make the Hanging Stuff clothes airer the perfect alternative for traditional washing lines.
  • Designed specifically to be lightweight yet sturdy, the Hanging Stuff clothes airer is portable making it perfect for indoors, outdoors, camping and caravanning.
  • Manufactured from rust proof alumnium ensures the product is a sturdy and durable alternative to cheap clothes drying racks.
  • Large capacity, fast drying times and portability make Hanging Stuff and eco-friendly alternative to electric clothes dryers.
versatile hooks to hang socks, underwear, hats, shoes unlike a washing line


  • Hanging Stuff clothes airer has a huge capacity. The Maxi can comfortably accommodate sheets and towels as well as more, while the 6603665785can also be used to dry sheets and towels.
  • The larger thickness in of the rust proof alumnium rails prevents creases in the fabric, unlike traditional washing lines
  • Even the Mini clothes airer can hold a full load of washing.
  • The number of rails provided on all Hanging Stuff clothes airer models ensures a full load can be dried.
  • Huge capacity combined with sturdy lightweight portable alumnium design will allow you to dry a full load of washing indoors. Normally you would need multiple clothes drying racks to do the same.
  • Drying all those beach towels whilst camping or caravanning is no problem with the Hanging Stuff clothes airer.
  • Put a full load on a Hanging Stuff and easliy move it following the sun, a green eco-friendly alternative to electric clothes dryers

Lightweight and durable

  • Hanging Stuff clothes airer is made from rust proof aluminium making it is lightweight, portable and rust resistant and very sturdy.
  • Your Hanging Stuff clothes airer can easily be moved from outside to inside, with or without washing on it.
  • A versatile portable clothes drying rack that can easily substitute a traditional washing line.
  • A true hills hoist alternative.
  • With its lightweight design, it’s the ideal clothes drying solution to take camping or caravanning.
  • Hanging Stuffs durability ensures it will outlast all other products. An eco-friendly alternative to constantly buying cheap clothes drying racks.
lightweight aluminium, durable, rust resistant, portable

Maximum airflow, faster drying

  • The drying rails on Hanging Stuff drying rack are spaced further apart than traditional clothes airers and washing lines to allow for maximum airflow.
  • This enables clothes to dry much faster, even on cold, wet days.
  • The rail placement is unique to Hanging Stuff clothes airers. Normal clothes dryers or drying racks have them spaced very close together preventing airflow and slowing drying times.
  • On wet days, the fast drying time means you have the clothes drying indoors for less time.