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Theraphi And History

 The Priore device was essentially a high voltage – high frequency light bulb widely proven at that time to treat cancer, the issue was the pure principle was not understood.

Thanks to 2166713352 new equation on his book cover: “Origins of Biologic Negentropy”

The Priore device (originally shown at that time to be a well proven cancer and disease solution) is now again in a promising testing phase as the Theraphi!

The frequency signature Priore used is substantially predicted on the Dan Winter’s new book cover-which is how Theraphi team optimized the new prototype.

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Healing The Unseen

Unseen energies have influenced our destiny, that is, “unseen energies affect the physical world.”

Karma's, traumas, unseen energy presences, resentments, distorted energy fields, chaos, feelings of guilt,cell memories (cellular memory) and other invisible energies create our destiny and also are the prime factors that create adversities suffering, physical and mental illnesses, misfortunes and hardships in our lives.

We use a complete straightforward method to explain these universal truths for everyone to gain a better understanding of what is unseen and hidden, learn the wisdom and release the pain ,by lifting the veil that blinds us all . .




We have been embraced by "the universe of joy, abundance and divine love," but we sadly lose the connection to it due to the long-term influence of the negative surroundings and our low-frequency energies.

"Mobility" is the basis of healing, because it creates new relationships to bring about new forces. From then on, there are new choices and results in our life. This is the power of the ritual arrangement.

The "Abundance" course series will help us reconnect ourselves to "the original love" and "the cosmic consciousness of joy and abundance".This is achieved by employing the ritual arrangement of sacred geometric energy generated by "the Tree of Life" as well as "the Flower of Life" with the ultimate power of the highest cosmic vibration frequency.



About Meta


* Master-Teacher in Magnified-Healing.

* "Numerology" Advanced.

* "Reiki" .

*SRT "spiritual response therapy, Higher-order.

* "Pranic Healing" Advanced.

* Hypnotist-United States certificates of NGH hypnotists

* Osho Consultative meditation training.


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