I wish my father had lived longer.

A whale is no less a mammal than a horse.

I've got reservations for lunch.

My youngest sister is a teacher, my oldest one, a medical doctor.

What was the first song you ever wrote?

Cliff's the boss.

Let her replace it.

The standards for admission to this school are very high.

I put some milk in my coffee.

Nichael treats me like I'm still a kid.

He was very happy in his school days.

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When do you think you'll see him?

I'm convinced of that.

Ernie was wondering if Page would go out with him.

Thanks. When you get off work, we'll go to my place for another.

I'll have sushi.

Knute and Brandy are John's children.

I'll make a video for you.


I want to see him now.

Sandra doesn't want to go anywhere else.

She didn't intend to argue with him.

Tell us your thoughts.

I want you to give me a job.

Giovanni is playing minigolf.

Only a little. Tell us the nature of your problem.

It's expensive though.

His death was a sublime self-sacrifice.


He doesn't turn to that work.

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What do you mean I have to leave?!

I just need you to come with me.

When dreams begin, breathing becomes irregular and less deep.

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Are you sorry for what happened last night?

Rupert isn't here right now.

Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever man, and our politicians take advantage of this prejudice by pretending to be even more stupid than nature made them.

To work in medicine, you should have a vocation on it.

"Have you done your homework?" "I don't have any."

Mayo married a girl from Boston.

I'll deal with this.

Tatoeba has risen from the dead.

I can eat anything but onions.


The air of Sydney is cleaner than that of Tokyo.

It isn't fair to keep Tanya in the dark.

Andries got involved with people who had a really bad influence on him.

He might say something ambiguous again.

This can't be the only option open to us.


It was stupid of you to have turned down the offer.

If you finish your homework, you can watch TV.

I don't think I'd be that interested.


He wanted to succeed, even at the cost of his health.

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It was a good race.

How long do you think it will take?

Why wouldn't I tell the truth?

They verbally abused me.

Archie didn't even try to get his homework done on time.

One kind word can warm three winter months.

Perhaps it is true.

Let's just try it. Who cares what happens afterward? There's no sense thinking too much about that.

Let Vidhyanath go and we'll talk about it.

Suresh doesn't wear makeup.

Please keep it a secret.

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I hope you don't get hurt.

You must consider your health.

Please keep the children busy.

I suggest you study French.

Kate has a meeting this afternoon at 2:30.

Our teacher was a beautiful lady, but was not the type of person who dressed up.

Would you care for another glass of beer?


He can speak French, not to mention English.

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The satellite is in orbit around the moon.


Duncan, do you want to go with me?


I took Tigger to lunch.

Noemi arrived on Monday.

This is his house.

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We're busy, Norbert.

There are teachers and teachers.

We have less than three hours.

I said that as a joke.

I need to talk to an expert.

I told you it was too soon.

He has a huge feather.


Jarl hurt herself yesterday.


They've been caught.

I weep for my lost youth.

You like the slightly sour chocolates, don't you?

She advised him of the date for the next meeting.

I miss my parents so much.

Lemon juice is an example of an acidic liquid.

Charlie is respected by everyone.


Let's leave before Olivier gets here.

I think he will never come back.

Would you tell me what happened last night?


Kari admitted that he was wrong.

Karen is dressed exactly like John today.

What kind of souvenirs did you buy?


The approaching exam, they knew, would be quite easy.


We are baking carrot cake.

Are you sure there's nothing else I can do for you?

That's because the bubble vanished into thin air.

Neither of them cares for strenuous sports.

Herman needs furniture.

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Gunter told Kelvin that she should study harder.


He came out shooting, same as you said he would.


If you need some help, just inquire the higher ranking official.

Is Roderick really Canadian?

Inflation was controlled.

Logic has no place here.

We were made to copy some English words.


This wooden chair costs sixty pounds.

That's what we all thought.

Sundaresan was partly right.

It goes without saying that he will come to the discussion.

He doesn't know English.

We will give Father a birthday present.

Sofoklis got into trouble.

Why are you bleeding?

They communicate with each other by gesture.

I think everybody should learn another language.

Doesn't that mean anything to you?


I was given a nasty look when I asked for my prescription at the local doctor's.

The meeting was held as intended at the outset.

We'd like to talk to them.

She erased a word.

There are several peoples in the country.

We are going to stay some weeks, together.

Call me at nine tomorrow morning.

Would you please allow me to treat you to dinner next week?

I told Shadow I'd close the windows and lock up.

I was wondering if I could go home early today.

People are afraid of war.

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Scot drives a Datsun.

What are you doing these days?

I'm loved.

This is a given objective.

Where's the toilet around here?


Jack spent the entire afternoon with Archie.

You think I'm wrong, don't you?

It's a typical trattoria.

Wilmer was reading a newspaper in his pajamas.

I have rights.

I told you not to call after midnight.

Noam left his umbrella in my car.

We must be able to differentiate between objects and situations.

Too much praise will turn her head.

Suddenly, it began to rain.

What's the matter with you guys?

Words hurt more than fists.

A spiral staircase leads onto the gallery of the church.

Read it again.

They say he is the best tennis player.


I see you as in reality.


She treated him for a broken leg.


I should tell them.


Please rid me of this pain.


He spent a few months wandering around Europe.

Travis counted the flowers in the garden.

Let's try.

My study is upstairs.

We sat together in silence for some time.


Speak about others as you would want them to speak about you!

This is all I can read.

No one can deny the fact.

I remember seeing her somewhere.

I didn't shower.

Did you hear what Ethan did?

Political concerns have caused many people to doubt the prediction.