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Portuguese Water Dog Club of America

PWDCA Rescue, Inc.

Portuguese Water Dog Rescue and Relocation Program

The Portuguese Water Dog Club of America Rescue, Inc.

The mission of the PWDCA Rescue, Inc.’s (Rescue) Rescue and Relocation Program is to assume the responsibility for the evaluation and placement of PWDS that have been given up by their owners or are abandoned or found. As a 501c3 organization, we are funded by donations from adopting families, PWDCA, Inc. members, as well as from fund-raising events.

The Portuguese Water Dog Club of America Rescue, Inc. provides a wide scope of services. We have volunteers covering every state in the nation. These volunteers include our Regional Rescue Representatives and Foster Families. When Rescue learns of a Portuguese Water Dog in need preparations are made to accept the dog through one of our prearranged Rescue Representatives or Foster Families. The rescued PWD lives in a loving home environment while receiving any medical care that the dog needs, including microchips and spay/neuter when needed. The PWD is given a temperament evaluation to find out what it’s needs are for the new owners. Once the new owners are chosen and the dog has been adopted, PWDCA Rescue follows up with the new owners to make sure that the adoption is working.

PWDCA Rescue, Inc. also provides counseling to owners who are having issues with their dogs. Our Representatives nationwide are very capable of assisting in these situations.

PWDCA Rescue, Inc. also provides rehoming services for our PWDCA Breeders. When it isn't possible for a PWDCA Breeder to take possession of a surrendered PWD, the breeder acts responsibly by supporting Rescue when the dog that they bred is placed through the PWDCA Rescue and Relocation program.

PWDCA Rescue also provides referral services to PWDCA Breeders who are in need of finding a suitable re-home for a PWD that they bred.

In 2016, PWDCA Rescue placed 7 PWDS and assisted 6 PWDCA Breeders.

In 2017, PWDCA Rescue placed 10 PWDS and provided assistance to 8 PWDCA Breeders.

In 2018, PWDCA Rescue placed 14 PWDs and provided assistance to 15 breeders.

Anyone can help with a Rescue by notifying PWDCA Rescue when you learn of a PWD in need - call 877-328-PWDS(7937) or email rescue@pwdca.org.

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