Has the flat got a garden?

Leith gave me a book.


Liber has already gone.


I saw Marcus' house.


True affluence is to not need anything.

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Jeannie took the axe and went to chop down some trees in the forest; because he wanted to build a new barrier.


John Adams took office in 1797.

When did you decide that?

What a mess...I suppose there's nothing for it but restricting admissions. Handing out numbered tickets or something.

First of all, the level of the ocean could rise, because ocean water expands as it grows warmer.

Obviously, you've changed your mind.


Johnathan didn't like the answer that Syd gave him.

Former London mayor Boris Johnson was the leader of the campaign for "Brexit".

My time in school will be one of my happiest memories.


This exercise is easy enough for me to do without help.

They cried when they heard the news.

My father's admonishment was hard to bear.


She isn't fit for the job.


I've got some ideas.

Let's hope that's the last time that happens.

I'll be back late.

Is there no alternative to what you propose?

I think this belongs to you.


It's been three months since Carlo's accident.

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You know about them, don't you?

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And then Shel started shouting and told everyone to go home.

Give Jeremy my love.

You may not have to go.

Pick any card.

Laurie says he has experience.


What is it that Max wants?


I gave careful consideration to the problem.


I called and pretended I was Sanjay.


Jean slept on the inflatable mattress.

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It doesn't look like anything to me.


I see no point in doing it.

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The band is still together.

Deirdre won three races.

Monty never even left the house.


Like Charles would be my type?


I'm not certain Triantaphyllos is responsible.

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Sanche brushed his teeth and put on his pajamas.

You were hiding.

We're heading home.


All the people were moved by his speech.


Clara is a good guitarist.


His conceited attitude makes me mad.


She gives us clothes.

I was just making a suggestion.

Thank you for all you've done.


You're obnoxious.

He gave way to the temptation again.

Part is very methodical in the way he does his work.

These apples taste good.

Nobody came to help me.


People do not live to eat but eat to live.

Please tell him to hurry up.

I'm only a newbie.

Izzy did a fine job.

Hume leads an active life.

When did you get to know her?

I blame Romain for all of this.

Please see that the birds in the cage get water and food every day.

My body still hurts, but that multi-day holiday trip was super fun!

Philippe promised he'd pay back the money.

Should we arrest them?


Are you sure you can do that?

He claims that he's gotten over all his failures.

This program is broadcast biweekly.

Yes and no.

I can promise you that.

Mrs. Wood was a very good cook.

Julianto will probably come.


Pravin could do nothing but watch Omar being swept down the river.

Don't worry. You can confide in me.

People believe that god exists.

I just have one request.

Do you want to watch this program?


You look so different with those glasses on.

How many bus stations are there in this city?

Ole will never forget Raanan's kindness.


Summarize the contents in 60 English words.


Leave Clay alone.

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Why aren't you dancing?


The court decreed that she should pay the fine.


Woe to the vanquished!

He has a son whose name is John.

The accident was caused by a fault in the refrigeration system of the appliance.

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Frederick is clever.


Tell Brandon I don't know Manolis.

I thought everybody liked it.

I heard you last night, Lois.

Please show me the menu.

Many couples end in divorce.

Dan wants his money today.

Bob says a lot of stupid things.

I'm going to drop in on her next week.

Cristopher is serious, isn't he?

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I'm very fat.

This hat goes together with the dress.

They made us work all night.

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If the life and death of Socrates are those of a wise man, the life and death of Jesus are those of a God.

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I spent half a day with Dannie.

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We are all responsible for this situation.


What have you done to your ear?

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I'm happy you two are friends again.

I would like to call on you one of these days.

At first, they were all convinced he was innocent.

I hope that your mother will get well soon.

That's all there was to it.

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Have you listened to this TED talk?


This sentence is funny.


I had my money stolen somewhere.

Others are hell.

My parents are against my marriage.


Are you sure you don't want to move to Boston?

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I demanded that he pay the bill immediately.

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No sooner had he met his family than he burst into tears.


You're so wrong about that.


He pushed his plan strongly.

Phillip and I have known each other for years.

Pradeep doesn't want this either.

I knew every one of those guys.

You are the doctor.

They are getting on the bus at the corner.

I just wanted tonight to be perfect.


He hardly studies chemistry.

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Kirsten's not feeling well.

Raul, Malcolm and John sat around the kitchen table.

See you next week!

Mosur pawned his wedding ring.

She's very protective of him.

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Carolyn never wanted to try it.

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This car is superior to that.

Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.

Maria adopted an orphan child.


As soon as I see him, I'll kill him.

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Would that be more acceptable?


I don't know what you think is going on here.


I've been retired for three years.