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What can i do in wondar?

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Wondar is a flexible solution that can be used in many situations.
Here are some examples.


Marketing Enhance your costumer journey adding AR to your e-commerce experience. Let your clients try your product!


SHOWCASE Use Wondar to showcase a true representation of your products, or share prototypes with your team.


B2B SALES Use Wondar to place your products in the client’s space. Take pictures of how it will look on the spot.


IN STORE AR can be a powerfull tool for your in store commercial team. Be able to show clients a virtual representation of any product in your catalogue.

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Create a store

Set up a virtual store for your brands where users will be able to find you and try your products.


Upload 3D models

Upload 3D models of your products and configure additional information. 3D models must follow the following specifications:

View 3D specifications

Publish your products

Preview the models in the Wondar App and publish them to the world. You are ready to start viewing your products in Augmented Reality.

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