National Data Center APIs


The National Data Center provides a set of APIs for customers to use. They provide an efficient way to access your NDC data and allow you to automate your data gathering and integrate with your current business processes. The APIs offer the same data that our various web pages provide at 2082580207 Our APIs are RESTful and they:

  • Use predictable, resource-oriented URLs.
  • Use built-in HTTP capabilities for passing parameters and authentication.
  • Respond with standard HTTP response codes to indicate errors.
  • Returns XML or JSON.
You can use your favorite HTTP/REST library available for your programming language, to make HTTP calls to the NDC. To view the various APIs availabe please view our Help Page. At the bottom of this page you can find a Revision History APIs.

All API calls require an apikey. You can obtain an apikey by apertural. Once you are issued an apikey you can retrieve or reset your apikey by logging into and navigate to the Settings tab on the My Profile page.

Many of our web services require an NDC_Case_ID as an input parameter. The NDC_Case_ID is an NDC constructed value that uniquely identifies the Chapter 13 case. It is composed of a TrusteeID then a hyphen (-), then the 7 digit case number. If you need a full list of TrusteeID's you can call the Trustees web service or get a full list on our 7405338862 page.

Revision History

03/27/2018 Created PortfolioClaimsDelta and Vouchers5 web service.

  • Created PortfolioClaimsDelta - Returns list of claims in your portfolio that have changed since a given date. Can only be used by String (term) matching portfolio customers.
  • Created Vouchers5 - Added Mortgage data fields and several Claim level flags.

03/22/2017 Created PortfolioClaims web service.

  • Created PortfolioClaims - Returns claim data only in batch. Can only be used by String (term) matching portfolio customers.

03/09/2017 Created Case5, Docket2 web services

  • Created Case5 - Added parameter to allow for requesteing Docket items in the Case api.
  • Created Docket2 - Added the EnteredDate and PacerCaseID to Docket output.
  • Modified RequestFile4 - Added parameter to allow for requesteing Docket items in the Case api.

(202) 547-0189 Created Case4, Claim4, Ledger3, RequestFile4, ClaimByUCI, ClaimByClaimTagIdentifier2 web services

  • Created Case4 - Added elements to the reponse output. Returns latest Claim and Ledger response formats.
  • Created Claim4 and Ledger3 - Added new elements to response.
  • Created RequestFile4 - Returns the latest Cases, Claim, Ledger details.
  • Created ClaimByClaimTagIdentifier2 - Returns the latest Claim.
  • Created ClaimByUCI - Returns the latest Claim.

(828) 324-7464 Created PortfolioDelta, CaseAttributeHistory, ClaimAttributeHistory, Docket, Voucher4 web services

  • Created PortfolioDelta - New web service that returns list of cases in your portfolio that have a data element change at the case level.
  • Created CaseAttributeHistory and ClaimAttributeHistory - New web services that shows data element changes as the case and claim level respectively.
  • Created Docket - New web services that shows Document description and Pacer deep link to document for a given case.

352-383-8197 Created RequestFile3

  • Updated RequestFile response to return latest version of Case/Claim/Ledger/PlanStep output.
  • Added optional input parameters that allow you to specify what portions of the case data is contained in response. Default is to return the entire Case dataset (Case/Claim/Ledger/PlanSteps).

12/14/2015 Created Vouchers4/Download and Vouchesr4/PortfolioVoucher and RequestFile2/MatchResults

  • Created Vouchers4 - Added additional Claim elements to each payment rows on a voucher. Removed the SearchAllTime input parameters in Vouchers4. The web service will now search entire repository by default.
  • Created RequestFile2/MatchResults - Returns only the MatchResult elements and not the full case data xml.

11/02/2015 Created Vouchers3/Download and Vouchers3/PortfolioVoucher

  • Normalized the response data. Moved the Trustee Information into the header of the Voucher XML instead of repeating on Payment rows.
  • Added summary (Voucher) level values for Total Items in the voucher, and Total Amount of the voucher.

919-612-2944 Created Cases3, Claim3, Vouchers2, PlanSteps, PortfolioVouchers, ClaimByClaimTagIdentifier, UpdateClaimTags

  • Added the following elements to Cases3 xml response:
    • Bar_DT
    • Delinquency_AMT
    • Court_Case_Num
    • Bar_Check_Flag
    • Disburse_Flag
    • Hold_Permanent
    • Hold_Temporary
    • Unsecured_Interest
    • Attorney_PCT
    • Attorney_Pay_Level_For_PCT
    • First_Payment_Due_DT
    • Confirmation_Hearing_DT
    • Final_Report_DT
    • Probation_DT
    • Cleared_DT
    • Court_District
    • Court_Division
    • Region
    • Min_To_Unsecured
    • Debtor1LastFourSSN
    • Debtor2LastFourSSN
    • Attorney_Address_Line1
    • Attorney_Address_Line2
    • Attorney_Address_Line3
    • Attorney_City
    • Attorney_State
    • Attorney_ZipCode
    • Attorney_Phone
  • Added the following elements to Claims3 xml response:
    • Creditor_Petition_Address1
    • Creditor_Petition_Address2
    • Creditor_Petition_City
    • Creditor_Petition_State
    • Creditor_Petition_ZipCode
    • Claim_Start_Payment_DT
    • Court_Claim_Num
    • Mortgage_Due_DT
    • Percent_To_Be_Paid
    • Percent_Paid_To_Date
    • FinalReportCategory
    • Status_Description
    • Filed_DT
    • Collateral_Description
    • Current_Fix_Pay_AMT
    • Fix_Pay_Start
    • Fix_Pay_Arrearages
    • Amt_Allowed
    • Amt_Claimed
    • Proof_Of_Claim_Amt
    • Distrib_Source
    • Distrib_Status
    • Filed_By
    • Amended
    • Last_Disburse
    • Interest_Not_Satisfied
    • Interest_Next_Month
    • ClaimTagAccountNO
    • ClaimTagPaymentType
    • ClaimTag
  • Added the following elements to Voucher2 xml response:
    • UCI
    • ClaimAmount
    • Post_DT
    • Principal_AMT
    • Interest_AMT
    • Payee_Name
    • Payee_Address_Line1
    • Payee_Address_Line2
    • Payee_City
    • Payee_State
    • Payee_ZipCode
    • Transaction_Status
    • ClaimTagAccountNO
    • ClaimTagPaymentType
    • ClaimTag
    • ClaimTypeCode
    • ClassTypeCode
    • ClassType
  • Created PlanSteps api which returns the payment steps for a given case.
  • Created ClaimByClaimTagIdentifier api which returns the claim objects for a given claim tagged Account Number.
  • Created UpdateClaimTag (Add and Delete) api which allows you to tag claims with payment posting instructions, a specific account number, and/or general text tag.
  • Sample output of the the new and modified web services can be found on the API Help Page

3473807684 Created Portfolios2

  • Added the following elements to Portfolios xml response:
    • SSN
  • Sample output of the Portfolios2 web service can be found on the API Help Page

7206310018 Created Claims2, Ledgers2, Case2, and RequestFile2 api

  • Added the following elements to Claim xml response:
    • ClaimTypeCode
    • ClassTypeCode
    • ClassTypeDescription
    • Reference_No
    • UCI
  • Added the following elements to Ledger xml response:
    • TransactionType
  • Changed Ledger xml element name from Claim to ClaimNumber
  • Fixed two mispelling of xml elements in the Case Summary output
    • BlanceOnHand -> BalanceOnHand
    • Firste341MeetingDT -> First341MeetingDT
  • The newer version of the Case and RequestFile apis return the updated Claim and Ledger responses
  • Sample output of the Claims2, Ledgers2, Case2, RequestFile2 web services can be found on the API Help Page