Market-Making on BTC Options. Launching soon.
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About Us

CryptOptions is an electronic options broker offering you the opportunity to trade Bitcoin derivatives online.

Our Services

We provide two-way prices to the market for option contracts on Bitcoin, across a range of strike prices and expiry dates. Our pricing is expressed in Bitcoin, as is our settlement. You can deposit/withdraw Bitcoin directly with us, which you can use to trade options.

Our Products

We provide prices and execution services on vanilla puts/calls, plus a range of option strategies including straddles, strangles and risk-reversals at selected deltas. We also plan to extend our product set to give you access to similar products on a greater range of crypto-currencies, including ETH and XRP.

Your Edge

When trading crypto-currency options with CryptOptions, you get cutting-edge prices, superior execution, and access to a range of contracts which is practically unique in the market. You also trade with us at minimal cost, maximizing your opportunity to generate revenue from the natural volatility in these markets.