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LZR7™ ZX2: Class 4 Laser and new probes

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I was able to use the laser on my father about 16 hours after his stroke. He went from a terrified 85-year-old who could not feel his left foot and left hand to hopeful. An hour after the treatment, he could feel his foot and his upper arm. The next day after the next treatment he could move his toes and had feeling in all fingers. By the end of the day, he could push with his left leg–he was really excited that he could recover. After the third treatment, he could lift his left leg. Thanks for developing the lasers and for taking time to call me when I needed your guidance on how to work on the stroke issues.

– Kent B.


"The reason I love my LZR7 18.1 Watt laser is its FAST. My past laser took 5 to 7 minutes to treat my Neuropathy patients, so I had to have a staff member treat them. I prefer to do it now because it takes only 30 seconds and my patients prefer my hands-on treatment. With this wavelength, there is little heat, and very comfortable for the patient. The bottom line, my patients get better, faster and are very happy with their results. And they refer."

– Dr. John M.

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