The Vision

Churches need an easy way to train volunteer teachers to teach well. Many church leaders have had the privilege of going through Bible college or seminary, but most volunteers haven’t had that opportunity. The vision of REAL Curriculum is to provide all ages of students solid, Biblical learning in a discipleship environment while also equipping teachers with REAL knowledge to answer REAL questions and build REAL relationships.

Church Curriculum Vision

REAL Knowledge

Pastors often have had Biblical training, but it is tough to pass that valuable knowledge along to volunteers. REAL Curriculum makes solid, Biblical education easy to access through short daily devotions. Each week, teachers are trained in a single topic, preparing them for the lesson they are scheduled to teach. They’re filled so they can in turn fill others.

Church Curriculum Vision

REAL Questions

Students ask questions. That is just always a reality of human nature. We are curious! Yet we throw our volunteer teachers into the fray with little to no knowledge to answer these questions. REAL Curriculum provides a solid, Biblical foundation for teachers so they can begin to answer the tough questions their students will ask.

Church Curriculum Vision

REAL Relationships

The relationship between teachers and students is vital to a student’s success in education. The question is whether that relationship is strong and helpful, or whether it is distant and unaffirming. By preparing teachers to be the storehouses of knowledge their students expect them to be, real relationships can begin to emerge between them.

The Strategy

REAL Curriculum is a revolutionary way to train your volunteer teachers and leaders to be able to provide the highest quality material to students of all ages within your church. The curriculum is designed to train teachers with a week-long devotional series, preparing them for the lesson on Sunday. Through engaging insights, interactive quizzes, and a wide variety of media, each devotion further equips teachers to teach better, while at the same time providing them with rich, spiritual experiences every day of the week.

Training Teachers...

Volunteer teachers need training! It’s tough to give full-time education to volunteers though–that would take a lot of manpower! Instead, REAL Curriculum works to train teachers incrementally through daily devotions leading up to the lesson they teach each week. No more late Saturday nights cramming for the lesson in the morning. These devotions nourish your teachers bit by bit throughout the week, so they’re ready to pour into their students each week.

...Who Train Students

The reason you have all of these volunteer teachers is to impact the students in your church. These are students of all ages, children up through adults, and they all need solid teaching. REAL Curriculum works to train teachers more fully so they can better teach their students. Along with a variety of lesson types for students who have different learning styles, REAL Curriculum prepares teachers to present the material well and answer the tough questions.

The Curriculum

REAL Curriculum is built for churches by seminary-trained professionals. Each devotion is carefully written to build on each other. Day-by-day, as teachers are going through these devotions, they’re being prepared to present a broad view on that week’s topic. Each series, lesson, and devotion has a main idea. That’s the point being driven home. Each day, teachers are presented with one main idea that fits under the umbrella of the lesson’s main idea. Each week, teachers have one main idea to teach to their students, making the lesson’s more focused, resulting in higher retention. Finally, each series has a main idea that’s repeated each week. In this way, these Biblical axioms are repeated over and over, making the material more effective in teaching truths to students.

The Gospels

The first curriculum series from REAL Curriculum is “The Gospels.” It’s a 16-week series going through the major ideas presented in the four gospels. Starting with how we know the Gospels are true, through major themes in each of the four gospels, to major events the gospels describe, this series presents an exhaustive look through the beginning of the New Testament.

Students will experience 16 lessons to give them a clearer view of the Jesus of the Bible. Working through the major points of Jesus’ teaching, students will have a new appreciation of who Jesus was and is, and how that’s important to our lives today. By the end of this series, students will have been guided through each of the four Gospels and will have learned to value their teachings.

Teachers will have 16 weeks of devotions to bring them deep into each of the four Gospels. Exploring each week’s topic fully, teachers will be led through the Gospel stories they may already be familiar with, but with perspective, ensuring teachers aren’t caught off guard by potential “problem passages” students could ask questions about. By the end of this series, teachers will have a full understanding the four Gospels as well as Jesus’ ministry in the first century and how Jesus appearing changed the world.

Other Curriculum

Do your teachers need training just being teachers? No problem! REAL Curriculum also has a series on better teaching. Through two weeks of training, volunteers will learn what it looks like to teach students with the latest in educational standards, lead students in and out of the classroom, and serve students by being not only great teachers, but friends and mentors.

The App

The app was built specifically for REAL Curriculum. It’s made with pastors and churches in mind, designed to be the best tool to facilitate training for volunteers through devotions, but also as a communication tool to help pastors stay in touch with their volunteers. On top of that, it’s a tool for volunteers to stay in touch with one another and benefit from others going through the curriculum at the same time.

For Churches and Pastors

REAL Curriculum is designed with churches in mind. Whether you want to adopt the REAL Curriculum strategy across your entire campus or just in a single classroom, REAL Curriculum is made for you! You can use the software to manage training for a whole host of volunteer teachers or just a single student pastor wanting a bit more preparation each week.

The app is made for groups of any size and is primarily made for leading a group of volunteer teachers. However, we want to accommodate the hierarchy situation of any church that would like to participate. Sign up for our demo and try it out! If you feel it wouldn’t fit your church’s structure, email us and we’ll see what changes we could make to better suit your needs. We’re always trying to improve the app and any input we receive from churches wanting to use this software is invaluable.

Meet Our Team

REAL Curriculum consists of a small, devoted team. We are committed to building quality curriculum that serves the Church and its leaders. The idea of offering a better church curriculum is what has brought all of us to work on the REAL Curriculum project.
Jacob Beck

Jacob Beck

Creator / Software Designer

Jacob’s current career is in the field of marketing and non-profit fundraising, but has a degree in Computer Science as well as a Master of Arts in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary. He loves to write everything from software code to music to theological curriculum. He works as the primary copywriter and software developer for REAL Curriculum, composing the actual content as well as the app designed to distribute that content.

Dayna Beck

Dayna Beck

Writer / Editor

Dayna is currently pursuing her ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary, but already holds a Master degree in Clinical Psychology from Sam Houston State University. She loves writing as well, giving considerable help in planning and editing curriculum content. She shines in being the front face for REAL Curriculum, planning and orchestrating our beta testing and managing our customer base.



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