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Signs of pregnancy

This page is in no way an encouragement to breed, but if you do find yourself with a pregnant guinea pig or suspect that your cavy is pregnant this page will hopefully help answer any questions you may have.

Gestation (length of pregnancy) is 65-72 days (aprox. 10 weeks) with smaller litters taking longer than large litters. A sow can have between 1-8 babies in a singer litter, but the average is 2-4.

Pregnancy is noticable around 5-6 weeks when a gradual widening at the hips occurs. If you very gently feel her abdomen you may be able to feel walnut sized lumps. DO NOT squeeze them as you can cause serious harm to the sow and her babies!! There is no sure way to tell early on that a guinea pig is pregnant. The easiest thing to do is simply way and see. If you do suspect a pregnancy feeding her a well balanced diet with lots of vegtables high in vit C is a good idea. This way she will have been receiving the proper nutrition through most of her pregnancy. Proper nutrition can go a long way in helping to prevent other pregnancy related problems (it doesn't guarentee a problem free pregnancy and delivery though!)

Aproximately 2 weeks before delivery (sometimes 3 weeks) you can start to feel kickers or movement of the babies. There are times that you will even feel (or hear) the babies grinding their teeth.

As she gets closer to delivery she will seem to slow down and pick one spot in her cage to rest. She doesn't need any special material to make a nest with. Also if there is a male in the cage he should be removed well before the deliver as sows will go back into heat after the birth and the boar will breed her again. A lot of people believe that back to back pregnancies like this are very hard on the female especially if she hasn't received proper nutrition through her pregnancy.