Keep to the right.

Here's the list Rodger gave me.

Can you excuse me for a minute?

I hope next year will be better.

I'm more afraid of them than I am of you.

Do you want to work with us?

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She came out of the room.

She's a fan of German cinema.

What does Robin need?


She is endowed with beauty.


They will not accompany the children to school.

I am very pleased to meet them.

We never would have allowed Leif to do that.

This isn't Mwa's car.

It took an hour to paint the doghouse.

He was happy being a Jew.

These shoes are a little loose.

She kissed me all of a sudden.

She taught us singing.

How long did that take?

This is the priest who married them.

This hotel was then a school.

The joint was empty.

Fletcher isn't dying.

Diane avoided Simon.

This makes the situation worse.

Oh, really? When did he leave?


I arrived at the station ten minutes late.


Hugh is quite a dancer.

I came by to feed Oliver's fish.

Tina soon got used to Japanese food.


Why do you think Saul likes it?

He tried to overcome his scruples.

Hirofumi clenched his hands tightly.

One of his colleagues whispered.

Don't give a child more money than is necessary.

The rebel was ultimately captured and confined to jail.

You're not the only one who feels that way.


He is very fond of playing the guitar.

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My mother is not a secretary.


Chuck didn't take part in the marathon.


Mr. Popescu's office is on the tenth floor.


I'd like to make a call to Tokyo, Japan. The number is 3202-5625.


Please remember me to your teacher.

He made notes of the teacher's lecture.

I've never seen such a scatterbrain.

I miss the good old days.

Everything is identical to something.

The court judged the case.

We don't really know Axel.

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The policeman is going after the man.


You may be right about that.

Rafael will be back in an hour.

Did you hear the news?

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I don't know exactly when she'll come.


Arne quickly opened the letter.

Leonard looks just like me.

He can understand everything you're saying.

I want to go see the streets.

He was thinking, with his arms folded.


Tahsin and Klaus are anxiously waiting outside.

The search function is inadequate.

What would your boyfriend do if he found out?


When did you get up?

I want Ronni stopped before he does anything worse.

You're very good... for a girl.

I can't tell him now. It's not that simple.

Here's what I'll do.


I'm the type who likes to think things over very carefully.

Keep reading.

Anton sat in the waiting room reading a magazine.

I bought her a beautiful dress.

He confirmed that it was the wreck of the Titanic.

Syd tumbled down the stairs.

You should've come to the party.

If you don't mind, I'd like to be alone for a while.

Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.


I don't read comic books anymore.


As always, you have understood poorly!

You don't need to work on Sundays.

Don't be afraid to talk to her.

Cary probably thought I was going to be at today's meeting.

Didn't your mother teach you to say thank you?


Danny made us do our homework before dinner.


That may be unaffordable.

You can't just lie to Donovan.

I'm your new partner.

Don't do it! It's stupid and dangerous.

For the elderly, wounds take more time to heal.

From a strictly scientific point of view, history cannot be called a science.

Let it hang.

Can I sit next to them?

I'm truly grateful!

Tell me a bedtime story.

We're just catching up.

This is all I have.

The meeting will have broken up by the time you arrive there.

We cannot live on it forever.

Off with the head of duplicate-mongers.

You're a philosopher, aren't you?

That would be nice, wouldn't it?

What kind of questions do you think Mohammad will ask?

He's been staying at that hotel for the past five days.


He made mistakes.

I could not remember your name.

I'd be delighted to sing for you.

He donated a lot of money.

Julie stood near Mikael.

Telling me was the right thing to do.

The management finally succumbed to the demand of the workers and gave them a raise.


I saw many familiar faces.


We don't need to evacuate anymore since the flood has already subsided.

Billie wants me to work with him.

I grew up looking at that particular sign.


I'm not interested. Buzz off.

As far as I can tell, there are no broken bones.

The news can't all be bad.

She cooked her husband an apple pie.

One old man came to Jackson from Albany, New York.

Beat him with the broom!

I know I can be successful.


Could you send me the pictures you took of us yesterday?

Take your time, Yoshida.

You should be careful in crossing the busy street.

Only one third of the members turned up at the meeting.

Where did they come from?


Why didn't somebody stop them?

Birds are natural enemies of insects.

I steered clear of sensitive topics.

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I could fall in love with you.

Her mouth dropped open.

My father usually comes home at seven.

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Give me a minute.

Collin knows us.

I love pizza with cheese.

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Both Shane and Rolfe were convicted.

Well Antony, how is it being married? Do you like it?

This is where I grew up.


I live in Tahiti.


I had a tooth extraction a week ago.

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What is your mother tongue?

Your timing really sucks.

I do travel quite a bit.

That's an insult to the poor statue.

She will be a college student next spring.

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Ray really helped me out.

You have to trust me on that.

Kathy is better at French than me.

I am fan of football.

Please air the futon.

I can't stand it any longer.

I sure hope that Harry gets here on time.


Are you Finns or Russians?

Christie is carrying a bag containing a million dollars.

Cezanne is famous for his landscapes.


The boy made fun of the girl.

I am, by no means, allowed to become ill now, tomorrow is my holiday.

I hate to interrupt, but I need to say something.

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I can't speak English as fluently as Naomi.

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The factory is run on a large scale.