I suggested that Cary get some sleep.

Here are the proposed agenda items for the meeting on June 16, 1998.

You're probably wondering how I found out about that.

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She is the only woman at her job.

This library has over 50,000 volumes.

You may be right about that.

I don't know how much it cost.

Monty, I want you to handle this one.

I regret kissing her.

I have many hobbies - fishing and climbing, for example.


He has a fairly large fortune.

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We cannot be naked enough.


That book on kabuki might be expensive.


Karl doesn't know the reason why Deirdre went to Boston.

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I was born in Osaka, but I grew up in Tokyo.

It's great to have a family.

Have you thought about when you want to arrive?

That doesn't surprise me.

Paganini dazzled his audience with (among other things) a veritable hailstorm of left-handed pizzicatos.

They're working upstairs.

The attack was shown on video.

He got angry with his brother.

The newspaper boy delivers in all weather.

Her hair was a mess.

Believe me, I don't want to die.

You and Rodney used to go fishing together, didn't you?

Please tell me where Elisabeth is.

Panos doesn't seem to be in a rush.

So, will you go out with me?


Do you have breakfast at home?

He works with me at the office.

I have been his greatest fan all my life.


Have you asked Bonnie what happened?


He has nothing to do with it.

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You must really like Cathy.

I wish I were more like you.

That's relatively easy to do.


When was the last time you smoked a cigarette?


We're the same size.

Where's the nearest bank?

It looks like Glen doesn't know how to do that.


You have to tell Jennie everything.

Is Randy under arrest?

Himawan is cross-eyed.


The captain ordered his men to fire.


They're evil.


Sal sent me a funny text message.

All of these apples are very sweet.

The house has two floors and a wood shingle roof.


What was the fight over?

Don't pressure them.

Can anyone stop Tanya?


Has she ever been to outer space?


We're fighting against time.


Do you guys have any big plans tonight?

Of course, there were concerts in the town.

I saw Juliane in the parking lot when I left.

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After his near-death experience, Earnie was a much more loving and less judgemental person.

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Charlene extended his stay by three days.

What did Loyd say he wanted to do?

You can always count on Ruth in any emergency.

They marked off the land for their house with rows of stones.

I need to have my head examined.


I have heard nothing of him lately.

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I don't consider Laurence a friend.


There's very little time left.

That's too expensive!

What do you think it's worth?

I'm in complete agreement with everything he said.

The active volcano erupts at regular intervals.

Don't ever let me catch you here again.

The houses are burning.


You should always keep your room clean.

I think I've made a big mistake.

Suresh went out of his way to make sure Nichael had a good time.

They need real help.

I feel like I'm losing my mind.


He was accredited to the United States to represent Japan.


Get up and fight.


Jim is an avid cyclist.


It doesn't fit well here.

Laurel promised me he'd come back.

Cathy didn't know where to put his umbrella.

Where's the nearest hospital?

I just can't wait for the party.

Bud's friends were very kind when he lost his job.

Oslo wants to make its center car-free within four years.

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I'll change it.

My shoelace got caught in the escalator.

He disputed my statement.

He's a snob about wine.

I cannot borrow money. I hate this.

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You're assertive.

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When we're children, everything around us looks so big.


I decided on telling him of my love.

I'd prefer being alone right now.

Problems are expected in their expedition.

Stories of this kind had been told of the assassination of Julius Caesar not many years before, and they generally have their origin in violent deaths, or in execution of innocent persons.

"What did you do?" "I didn't do anything."


I changed plans. Moving would be too expensive right now.

I'm not going to call you.

They didn't have vertigo.


I'm sorry, I have another meeting.

A truck ran over our dog.

My fate isn't in your hands.


I'm learning to play the guitar now.

How old were you when you had your first crush?

I don't know how.


Beetles, butterflies and cockroaches are insects.


We're just finishing up.

I wish that my parents hadn't told me that I was an accident.

Jacques has been doing judo for two years.

Slartibartfast Jackson is one of the best detectives in Boston.

I was definitely out of line with the terrible accusations that I made.


Just promise me that you won't do anything stupid.

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Victoria still seems concerned.

What made her so mad?

You're not busy, right?


You don't even know who I am.


May I ask what you are working on now?

Luckily, both of the drivers were wearing seat belts.

In Esperanto, the penultimate syllable is always stressed.

It was like a dream come true.

Your daughter is not a child any more.

Our problems are nothing compared to his.

How many times do you go to the beach to swim in the summer?


Do you remember him?

She hired a driver.

"Will we make it in time walking at this pace?" "Of course we will. We still have 30 minutes left."


Joe and Caroline got up at 6 a.m.

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I am of the opinion that he will not accept the proposal.


Both of them are kind and honest.

After his parents' death he was brought up by his aunt.

We have to talk to her.

You must not travel on the train without a ticket.

He crossed the bridge.

I thought Ellen sounded angry.

The old man lost the will to live.

I don't know why you want me to do this.

Alas, what ill luck has befallen me!


I just wanted thirty dollars.

I've always been very proud of that.

Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Jason and Kirsten speak to each other in French.

You ought to answer for what you have done.

Europe can only assert itself with the very high quality wines which it has.

Leora says that he'll pick Leigh up at 2:30.

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He kicks me.

This election had many firsts and many stories that will be told for generations. But one that's on my mind tonight is about a woman who cast her ballot in Atlanta. She's a lot like the millions of others who stood in line to make their voice heard in this election, except for one thing: Ann Nixon Cooper is 106 years old.

They just want an excuse to fire you.