I'm not afraid of change.

Miraculously, none of them died.


Do you feel like having a snack?


Jay has been weak for some time now.

The man talking with our boss is Hiroshi.

How's the patient feeling this morning?

I wish you'd tell me a story. That'd be some fun at least.

I have a small fever.


She's impatient.

Could you recommend another hotel?

I ate something I regretted eating.

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The party is improving slightly in the polls.


Am I going to have to work with Jarmo?


Loren slept through most of the movie.


Blayne became self-conscious.


Keiko is studying furiously.

The street, lined with trees, provided a vista of the sea.

I told Shirley what I was planning to do.

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Randy is popular with the students.

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Izzy is involved.


You know English?

Butler wanted to know the truth.

I saw the old man two or three times a week.

Joachim has many friends.

I must organize my thoughts.

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Phill suppressed a yawn.

She is not aware of her beauty.

Ti is passionate, isn't he?

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Rajendra will share.


My mother taught me that it's not polite to point.


We tried in vain to make him change his mind.

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It'll rain tomorrow.

If you guys aren't doing anything later, why don't you come over for a cup of coffee?

Do you want to get out of here or not?


What you said made her angry.

The question excited much controversy.

Jarvis said this was urgent.


Ramneek gets a lot of satisfaction from his work.

You made that up, didn't you?

I can wait for him no longer.


A crowd soon gathered around him.

They will contribute greatly to the growth of the town.

Jeffery needed the money badly.

Marcel clicked the light off.

The old man gave me a useful piece of advice.

A good idea occurred to him.

Selena Gomez and the Scene also had good luck with their first album, "Kiss and Tell." It has sold more than a million copies around the world.


Kirsten won't have a chance.

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Where is he now?

My cousin is the second to the last person in the line.

He looked to his parents' property.

To read a lot of books is a good thing.

I note down absolutely everything, but they're no good to me afterwards.

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Isn't that what you're supposed to do?

We won't see her again.

The dog is in the yard.


The buds are just showing.


Shean is not an M.D. but a Psychologist.

These two parts are interchangeable.

Sofia told Wilson to go to her room.

Where's the light switch?

They took their respective places in line.

Fred is working up a sweat.

I just got Jacques off to school.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

She is very kind. This is why she is liked by everybody.

I smashed my finger in my car door.

Beverly was left out.


I didn't see Max at all yesterday.

What was the message?

Are you getting off?


Maybe they gave up.

There are a couple of parks not too far from my house.

Hell would be paradise for a masochist.

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Which schools is Buddhist thought divided into?

The laugh is always on the loser.

I can barely move my arms.

We never really talked.

Eric is a proud warrior.


This is by far the best.


I know you'll enjoy Boston.

A book is made of paper.

Maybe it would be better if I threw away all these books, kissed your little nose, and forgot all my worries and hardships.

Ania has brown hair, but Magdalena has blonde hair.

She beat off a big snake with a plastic toy bat.

Simon is always changing his mind.

Do you go running every day?

Will you glance through this report?

We're saving up so our children can go to college.


This bird's large wings enable it to fly very fast.

I asked him to start at once.

America is often referred as a melting pot.

It won't take long.

Got up at six, and left home at seven.


He's got his knife into me.


That seems crazy to me.

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Speak more slowly, please.


I heard a crash.


I spend a lot of time with him.

I used to dress quite conservatively.

I want this work done by next Thursday.


Nowadays, few ordinary city dwellers ever use the word "wattle".

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He seems to be unaware of his mistake.

She found a new roommate.

Alf is never going to finish the job he started.


I thought I was a train.

You're not fooling anyone, Oleg, we know it's you.

Vicki finds it difficult to eat with his new dentures.


Just like I thought, the contractor came back today, begging for more time.

Our ancestors arrived in this country 150 years ago.

Rajesh held out a chair.


Ramiro isn't petty.

I'm originally from Australia.

I'm not your love.

Hitoshi didn't mean that.

The worm bends.

This chocolate is very sweet and tasty.

I know you must have a lot of questions.


They want to stay.


Lynne doesn't like this.

The cat is drinking your milk.

Follow your desire.

He has a weak will.

Dorian might be able to recommend a good restaurant.


I have a skin eruption.

What's today's plan?

The meal was disgusting.

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Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here?

You have an alternative.

I'm quiet.

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Do you think that really matters to any of us?

Driving in the dark feels like flying!

Timothy's clothes are disheveled.

I didn't ask her to come back.

The money is to be applied to the debt.

We've got to find somewhere to hide.

I have a surprise for you, sweetheart.

I fought off my desire to sleep.

Why don't you go and join her?


As he entered the house, two things caught his eye.

Our train went through a long tunnel.

Either of these roads leads to the station.

By the time you land at Narita, it will be dark.

Were you in love with her?


Which is creepier, a talking teddy bear or a talking doll?


Is that good or bad for me?

You're going to speak Spanish fluently!

It's the first time I touch a dolphin.

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We'll chance it.

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Everybody was listening intently to Novorolsky.