There is no point in studying if you are feeling tired.

He keeps a ferret as a pet.

The first and second volumes are available online.

This should solve all your problems.

Sleep when you are tired.

This place is sacred.

This is an amazing discovery.

You're not a very good negotiator, are you?


You'd have to expect that.

He objected to traveling by plane.

You could be lying.

It was a torture for me to play the piano.

I can sense how worried you are.


I can't get a hold of her.

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You forgot to turn the lights off.

I can't finish painting this house in one day.

I think you're completely right.


I'm still the boss around here.

I want to work.

Tears fall in my heart like the rain on the town.

Curt is waiting for you now.

I lost my hat.


Why are you so secretive?


Dan lost his money to a swindler.

You shouldn't let children eat too many sweets.

Now, wait just a second.


The parents are responsible for the education of the children.

Elric once worked as a tourist guide.

Here are the results.

She risked her life to save him.

Minors can't be miners.

Miki got used to working with Catherine.

This will cost about 10 thousand yen.

I didn't want this to happen.

Guy suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

She buys what she wants regardless of the cost.

Do you speak Latvian?

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The ball landed way out in the middle of left field.

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Away went the car at full speed.

Can you please let me know the most suitable person in INF Co., Ltd?

I must go to work early today.

Every time I see Lou, he's eating something.

He remains loyal to his principles.

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All of these picture postcards are mine.

Those who dig a grave for others will themselves fall therein.

What a feast!

My brother lives there.

I think we should lower the price.

He's getting used to that situation.

When I get sick of what men do, I have only to walk a few steps in another direction to see what spiders do. Or what the weather does. This sustains me very well indeed.


Danny and Ernest are waiting for you in the lobby.

You're not paid to ask questions.

There are more and more sentences.


The Hollywood-style cultural dance was clearly aimed at westerners.

Whether we like it or not, we have to go there.

You want to learn Japanese, so I suggest you visit Japan.

I am here on holiday.

Her work is better than mine.

Spell checker does not recognize all Spanish words.

I won't answer any more of your questions.

Jock always hugs his son when he returns from work.

Can we narrow down the ocean area where floating debris is supposed to be?

We are all equal here.

They heard a speech written especially for them.

She has no less than twelve children.

We should save money for a rainy day.

Welcome to Tatoeba!

Talk to my lawyer.

I have no likes and dislikes about food.

I only met Gill once, but he seemed like a nice guy.

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Kit had no idea where Graeme had graduated from high school.

I take my children to the beach almost every day.

Take, for instance, your family problems.


A good way to boost reading and listening skills in a target language is to read or listen to the news.

It's the best thing I ever did.

You did not make the holes deeper.

Were you with anyone?

I was born on June 4, 1974.

He can talk to the dead.

I tried again for no reason.

Let's take a closer look at these numbers.

Which are you better at, boogie-boarding or surfing?

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The joints of the chair were loose.

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Erik could hear screaming.

You may stay here as long as you like.

Discretion is a rare and important virtue.

Scarcely had I reached home before the telephone rang.

We're trying to teach Kimmo basic problem-solving skills.

He's got his knife into me.

Per wants to trade.

Beer is not really so unhealthy, at least in moderation.

Wolf's dreams have come true.

I don't want you to fear me.

Can I ask you a question?

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How much do I get?

The canny entrepreneur realized that the ballistic missiles, which had once carried nuclear weapons and which the former enemies no longer needed, could easily be converted to civilian rockets for the peaceful exploration of space.

Honesty, I believe, is the best policy.

I wish you hadn't found me.

You've never told me your name.

We were excited.

We would like to visit Nikko during this summer vacation.

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What's wrong with telling Tandy what happened?

He passed on yesterday.

I think Srikanth expected this all along.

The christian festival of Easter is the celebration of the ressurection of Jesus Christ.

How much does an egg cost?


She has decided to run every day.

Look what you did.

I've got a wife and kids.

That was Tim's own fault.

Do you want a lawyer?

Ozawa had been demobilized from overseas and had just arrived this night into his hometown, Osaka, but he had heard rumors on the train about bandits roaming in the postwar cities and suburbs.

When I have a problem I can't figure out, I ask Christina to help.

I think it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to do that by yourself.

His idea is good for nothing.


Northeastern Chinese dishes are tasteless.


Did you have a lot of happy experiences in your childhood?

What's making this sound?

The savage in man is never quite eradicated.

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What do you want me to do about it?

I want you to go easy on him.

Political pundits have begun weighing in on the president's speech.

Kristen didn't get a chance to thank Miek for all her help.

Please go to San Francisco.

The train will depart soon.

Put that down.

We've talked a lot about this.

I am afraid of what the teacher will say.

I've got some rather serious news.

Mr. Wood came to the door and spoke to Tony's mother.

This job doesn't pay very much.

Don't judge a man by the clothes he wears.

Any child can enjoy the story.

Would you recognize Alex?

I don't regret a thing.

Do you need help?

They developed a treatment for this disease.

It was a long day.

Blood flowed from his wound.

Laurent is forgetful.

I heard about you and her.

Marcel said he wasn't sure what to do.


I didn't want her to leave.


I must learn seriously.

I can't seem to find your last e-mail, I wonder if you can resend it to me.

'Tis very warm weather when one's in bed.

I can't compete.

Say it ain't so.

My parents enjoy skiing every winter.

In the spring, when the days grew longer and the sun warmer, she waited for the first robin to return from the south.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to come to your party.

There's no need to get hysterical.

I'm still your prisoner, aren't I?

The pain is unbearable.


Everybody at school hates me.

Which way will we go?

Brenda is regarded as a great pianist.

We saw a stranger walking outside.

I'll let you get to work.

Leora blocked Jaime's punch, then slapped her with his right hand.

That's why I want to talk to Piercarlo.

It was definitely Vince that I saw yesterday in the park.

You must work according to your ability.

You should be flattered.

Urs was sitting alone at the kitchen table when Milner walked in.

Kimmo is visibly happy.

I have nothing you want.


The two accidents coincided with each other.


Losing injured their pride.

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He's already engaged to someone else.

You never told me about Marilyn before.

Toufic was killed in an automobile accident.