Are you sure you're well enough to go to work?

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Every day the girls used to walk to the village to look for work, after which they would give the money they found to their mother.


That's all we know.


That work will be finished at the end of this week.

I worked in Boston for three years.

What have you learned today?


This place is great.

We won't be able to get back to Boston until next Monday.

Can you light the way?


Ragnar is a perfectionist, isn't he?

Books are scattered around the room.

Why did you buy it?

She put in for a raise.

Rayan didn't have his cell phone with him, so he couldn't call Terrence to tell her he'd be late.

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Say goodbye.


He looked as if he hadn't eaten for days.


A permit may be required for collecting insects.


I've taken the first step.


I'm going to go do that.

Stanly went to his room, changed into his pajamas, and got into bed.

The invention of the transistor introduced a new era.


It's basically quite simple.

Ken has memorized a large number of Japanese songs.

Will you buy me some bread, please?

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I already talked to the cops.

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Prepare to be bored.

I see something.

I think something happened to him.

Nobody knew what the machine was like.

I've contacted Saqib.


I was surprised at the news of his sudden death.

Don't you wish to make a flight in a hot air balloon?

I looked him in the eyes.


Sheila had Eugene wash the car.

I don't want to talk to that bloke ever again.

I like jogging.


I'm sure she loves me.


Catherine told the cops everything.


You're with him, aren't you?

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The child stretched out his hand to his mother.


There are so few things like this.

The more mistakes I make in translation, the more I learn, hopefully.

We're not the ones getting married.


I would like if this didn't happen.

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The poem was written in Spanish and then translated into Portuguese.


I'm not old.


Don't worry, it happens to everyone.

I don't believe I've heard that name.

Let me show you how to chop onions without crying.

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Was I speeding, officer?

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You don't have anything to say about it, do you?

I'll give it to you for free.

When did you meet Vickie's family?

I don't like it when mathematicians who know much more than I do can't express themselves clearly.

Why do I have to talk to her?

Lindsey isn't sure how to play this game.

Politicians are always telling us that better times are just around the corner.


The dictionary gathers nearly half a million words.

Take my hand. I want to show you something.

There's been a slight change of plans.

I'm impressed you've done so well.

Byron likes this place better than where he used to live.


The people who don't ask you anything are the best comforters.

I'll come with him.

Our brains control our activities.

He keeps his age a secret.

Dori looked around at all the boxes.

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"It seems that these days there's a murder somewhere every day." "Indeed. It's a dangerous world, isn't it?"

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What a selfish woman!


He was determined to go, so I decided to do my best to help him.

The plane takes off at 17:30.

I believe that story.

Brandon was satisfied.

I really like the crisp texture of gizzards.

Perhaps we can do something about that.

Luck is against me.


Sofia is a scholar.

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Could you hold on a minute?

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

Ron is genuinely trying to help.

This is a basketball ball.

Thank you so much for this.

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Where is the source of this river?

Does anyone else have any advice?

He is a young student.

The life of the patient hangs in the balance.

Honzo took a book out of his briefcase.

Patrick corroborated Mikey's story.

We haven't finished what we have to do yet.

I'm going to go shopping tomorrow.

Try to keep your eyes open.

His story was so funny that everyone could not help laughing.

Masanao receives a very high salary.

We're going down.

Never call me again!


We left the motorway at junction 11.

I don't plan on being a waiter all my life.

My younger brother went to school.


I'll never kiss Sharon again.

Call your sisters.

The president of the company bribed the government minister.

This is the hottest summer we have had in fifty years.

He is now putting the things in his room in order.


John Motson is one of the most famous British commentators.


This road follows the shoreline for the next thirty kilometers.

They're busy.

They just want to talk to him.


Jeany couldn't catch the rabbit.

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Why don't you shut the fuck up?


Well, I bake bread, listen to music, or read comic books.

Oh, but don't worry. I don't put the moves on straight guys.

The sight of you is an abomination to me.

We're all convinced of her guilt.

You're really good at French, aren't you?

I'm in the middle of a staff meeting.

Your brother is the best in our school.

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If it's an aggressive strange salesman, then call me right away. I'll chase him off.


Kenneth said he'd help Irvin.

The noise will wake the baby up.

He is studying English in school but he thinks it's too difficult.

She takes after her mother.

Look me up sometime.


I should've listened to her.

I'm very surprised that you don't know Dimetry.

Don't worry about the baby.


She has totally changed her character.


Who did you say that to?

Jarvis is on the bed, talking on the phone.

What are you doing here? Why aren't you home?

Oh! Really?

Believe me, this is the right way.


Is there more?

She will make a business trip to London next week.

I don't want to trouble you.


Take the kids to school.


The kidnappers tied Ken's hands behind his back.

I think Farouk still hasn't left.

I'm trying to memorize the names of constellations.


Hopefully, things are well with you.

Jose is such a diffident man. He seems to have quite low self-esteem.

She has been sick for a week.

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There are no mistakes in your essay.

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I was sympathetic.

She wanted to join the air force.

You won't get anything by shouting.

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The party was a marked success.