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Friends are like flowers in the garden of life.

The words bookstore and bookshop have the same meaning.

The rest of the personnel were fired without notice.

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All the king's men.


Wolf expresses himself very well.

Anyway, I'm glad you were able to broach this difficult subject.

I need you to help me find it.

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Did Ro say he was going to do that?

Have you ever been fired from a job?

Hartmann has no plans to go anywhere.

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Stanley is in hot water.

Gilles can speak French as well as you can.

Blayne is Dorothy's neighbor.

I have nothing against the proposal.

They slowly approached her.


He's a bit jealous.

Stop moving.

I wonder what Oskar meant.

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I'm enjoying this.

I don't want to sound negative, but...

I should've been more courteous.

I've had some problems dealing with Kory.

Mississippi is the fattest state in America.

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Earl's new smartphone is really big. It doesn't even look like a phone anymore.

Glynn hasn't been here all morning.

If you want to have a row, have it with me.

Maybe I shouldn't stay here.

Sjaak is satisfied with the result.


We'll take this nice and easy.

Your face is black. Did you come from a coal mine?

I'll remain in New York for five days.

Either you or I must attend the meeting.

There is little hope of his recovery.

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Did you forget your wallet again?

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It's bad manners to eat on trains and buses in Japan.

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What do you have to say about it?

Edmund heard Stuart's voice.

I never thought Rudolf would do it.


Can I help you?

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Google "a native English is" in order to leave out the matches for "a native English speaker".


Annard broke his right leg and was taken to hospital a few weeks before Christmas.

That's simple.

These words came out of the book you have.

What are you in prison for?

We have planted the garden.

Her breasts don't give much milk yet.

Lots of people took part in the marathon.

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There was no one in the mine when it blew up.


Alphonse looked at the racing clouds, his eyes turned to the sky.


You don't have to cry out. I can hear you.

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She pulled the blinds down.


Reiner was relaxed.


I couldn't convince Case.

The trouble is that there is little water left.

The instructor advised me to exercise every day.

I'll meet you up there.

Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.

You'll do fine, Suzan.

I'm interested in things meta-physical.


I've always been interested in science.

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To the white glass, I added glass of various colours, producing a pretty feel.

The movie was really good.

They liked big cars.

You're not my mom.

The teacher told us a funny story.

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Miriam wanted to marry Thomas.


Mr. Tanaka showed us many pictures of his newborn baby.


They walked upstairs.

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I'm very, very angry.


He is subject to fits of anger.


You don't have to buy water, do you?

He had only one hundred yen on him.

How did you come to know one another?

I have relatives in Milan.

That sounds racist to me.

There is such a thing as female circumcision.

We gave our word.

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I'll go talk to them.


The weather being rainy, the baseball game was cancelled.

Charlene was obviously very drunk.

Strawberries are made into jam.

The biblical Tower of Babel is what architects call a ziggurat.

I am miming the manager.

Erik is in my room.

I'd like to hire someone who speaks French.

The dense fog made the building invisible.

A language is a living system that evolves during time.

As soon as you get the wall painted, you can go home.

I just finished the work.

I won't tell anyone about them.

They are apprehensive that some further disaster might occur.

Roxie and I rarely agree on anything.

Raj has been sick in bed for the last three weeks.

Is Eugene afraid to be alone?

He, like most Incas, believed this story.

The company spends a lot of money on advertising.

She tried to take down every word the teacher said.

Give me the shovel.

I regret that I have spoken the truth.


Do you still not want to go?

I don't want to live by myself.

It would have been nice if Teresa had listened more closely to what was said.

Can you stand the pain?

He finally made it.

We've been here since October.

Erwin was found dead on the spot.

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Rick became violently ill after eating the dinner that Kathleen had prepared him.

Keep calm, you're the boss.

We admit that he is a man of ability.


There had never been any ill-feeling between them until that night.


Melinda likes things the way they are.

In the 22nd century, many technological innovations will be introduced.

I think we have to tell them.

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Our seamen have always been famous for a matchless alacrity and intrepidity in time of danger; this has saved many a British ship, when other seamen would have run below deck, and left the ship to the mercy of the waves, or, perhaps, of a more cruel enemy, a pirate.

I have three options.

The children were hungry for affection.

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I am fed up with your nonsense.


"Take a look at this." "Eh?" "There's an impact mark on the right-hand side of the bumper."


I'll see you before I leave.


Settings are really elaborate in gothic novel.


It's made of leather.


When she was a student, she worked as a truck driver.

We felt the ground trembling.

Ken is a delinquent who comes from a rich home.

How exactly do you know Mehrdad?

I can't really afford the rent.

This just now became understood by you?

That is a custom proper to Japan.

The fire burned up brightly.

The flowers brightened the room.

The education by the parents of their children is sometimes very difficult.

I'm sorry, I didn't know what else to do.

I checked it twice.

The first step is the hardest.


Wire me at once, in case there should be an accident.


She endeavored to live up to their expectations.


Write your answer into the following blue field.

Go and check what he's doing upstairs.

He has many talents.

What happened to the others?

Saiid says Serdar kissed him.


Morris rinsed his mouth.

You're not one of them, are you?

This movie theater has two floors.

I think the pay is enough.

Root shot himself in the leg.

Our teacher looks very young.

Courtney loved us.

Is this ticket good for this bus?

What did you eat this evening?

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It rains since last night.

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Do you have any regrets?