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What age was she when she got married?

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I prefer learning languages that has a long history.

Nikolai says he's decided to give it a try.

When are you going to meet Pravin's parents?

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Are you two OK?

If you're going to act like that, I'm leaving.

Is there central heating in this building?

What's more surprising?

All the men in Pat's family are bald.


I think it doubtful whether he will keep his word.

What were you talking about?

How this author ended up on the program is a mystery to me.

As a result of the accident, several passengers were killed.

Did you give him up?

My parents are there.

She received a parcel.


I think I locked my keys in the car.

Hey everyone, please listen.

It's not cool.

As far as I know, there are no good books on the theory.

Tim gave it some thought.

The party is tomorrow.

I had never seen her look so lovely.


It is bright and clear.

Shai is still a teenager.

I'm curious about something.

Which wire should I cut, the red one or the white one?

The Dutch have five centuries of experience at holding back the sea.


Seemingly impossible things sometimes happen.


On examination the jewel proved to be an imitation.

Doyle's doctor told him to give up smoking.

God must love the rich or he wouldn't divide so much among so few of them.

Barry decided to enlist in the army.

Hurry up, or you will be late.

Can you tell me how to get to the library?

Why are you sitting alone in the dark?

He doesn't know how to swim.

Don't go out without an umbrella.

Thank you for everything you've done for Canada.

Rik's shot.


There is a rumor about that he is going to resign.

Allan was beginning to feel happy.

You're on top of the bell curve.

I gave him what little money I had with me.

If anything, the economy in our country is going up.

Did Julie break your heart?

They're the right ones.

Amigo thinks that Kathy will leave.

She may have been right.

Don't worry about me.

When was the last time you sold a car?

This is the first time I've ever fired a worker.

Maureen washes his car at least once a week.


"Where is my notebook?" "It is on the chair."

It's cloudy today.

The president will hold a press conference later today.

I like Diana best, John second best.

I think they have better coffee at the other place.

I'm at my wit's end. I can't think of any solution to this problem.

The person I am thinking of is Olson.

I'll go buy some bread.

We can deal with this.

There is no one who doesn't want to have good friends.

I bit my tongue until it bled.


Leonard forgot to bring a flashlight.

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I translated one.

This book is as interesting as that book.

Karl trusts her.

I didn't have anything better to do.

I am studying English now.


Even though computer programmers may use semicolons every day, nowadays most people only use semicolons for emoticons.

Seeing that she is tired, we had better stop for a while.

I seldom walk to work.

Behold, O monks, this is my last advice to you. All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting. Work hard to gain your own salvation.

Celeste put on his spectacles to read the letter.

He was voted prom king.

Children need a happy home environment.

He's not shy about putting himself front and centre.

You are not to leave this room without my permission.


Meehan finished off the ice cream.

She has a wonderful hand with children.

There is a fairly small number of students at this university.

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In 1903, the Wright Brothers flew, The Flyer, with a 12 horse power gas powered engine.


Do you want to argue again?

This is Luca's car.

We often have unusual weather these days.

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That's all I wanted.


Jane didn't buy it after all.

I think you should talk to me.

Why are you here in Boston? You're supposed to be in Chicago, aren't you?


I won't give them to you.


Keep her inside.


Is that all you wanted to tell me?

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Mother insists that I should eat more vegetables.

The meeting is to be held at three.

Chinese is divided into ten major dialect groups.

Waiter, please. I need a spoon for the soup.

Haven't I paid you enough?

Why did you do it?

The active volcano erupts at regular intervals.

Anderson and Gregor arrived at 2:30.

Roxanne is happier now.

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Of all the many millions of things that I might do, the things that are worth doing are but a paltry few.

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Bush doesn't want to use mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Cleopatra became the queen of Egypt in the year 51 B.C.

Spike attacked Root.

As you treat me, so I will treat you.

Man can live without friends.

Because the ice became soft, we had to call off the ice-skating party.


Jerald tried to forget his love sorrow by playing the piano.


This luggage porter is very strong.

Eva's parents are much stricter than Sergio's parents.

She became pregnant.

Before Kate was married last year, some expressed concerns that as she was born a commoner, she would struggle with the pressure of being thrust into the public eye.

Please take this chart to the X-ray Room on the third floor.


I would have you apply yourself to your study.


Oh no, you have revealed our secret!

Let's let them try that again.

Both of her sons died during the war.


Hirofumi was making a lot of noise.

They will hold talks tomorrow.

I'm an undercover cop.


Hitoshi isn't really sick. She's faking it.

We're joined by the red string of fate!

Indeed, computers are detrimental.

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Tait decided that it wasn't necessary to take vitamins.

Beverly left without telling us.

He deceived me. He did not return the money.

Urs's very highly strung and easily offended.

I need you to do this for me.

Tuan motioned for Molly to follow him.

Frederick told Sergio something she didn't want to hear.

I can't open the door.

You can't just come in here and start ordering people around.

There was nothing here, just sand and more sand.

In a few minutes we'll be landing at New Tokyo International Airport.


Betty didn't know how to answer the question.

I am at home every evening.

Absolute truth does not exist.

I told Sofoklis I wanted a divorce.

We won the match by 10 to 4.


Let's share this money.


I am afraid I cannot convey the peculiar sensations of time travelling. They are excessively unpleasant.


Maria and Natalia are going shopping. They want to buy something for themselves.

You have to go the rest of the way without me.

It is her second operation already in one year.

I have good eyes.

Dave is almost back to sleep.

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Three weeks went by.

I wasn't implying anything.

The Southeast is a major energy producer of coal, crude oil, and natural gas.


Srivatsan was imprisoned in a tiny little cell that looked out on the street.

The air is a medium for sound.

I'm pretty sure that Kristen didn't do that.

How far above sea level are we?

"This," said Mr. Pickwick, looking round him, "this is, indeed, comfort."

We went early to make certain that we could get seats.

I wish you could be here with me.

We can't leave Anita there.

No matter how fast you drive, you will not get there on time.

How large are they?

Today is Emily's birthday.