It sounds like Roman is in trouble again.

Do you really want this information to be made public?


She was in despair when her husband died.

Black people had to sit in the back of the bus, or stand if the back was full.

Do you think this was intended for Don?


She heaved her chest.

You're weird. I haven't helped you at all yet and you're calling me a "genius".

Samir is a professional surfer.

This is one of the best places to eat in town.

I was absent from school because I had a cold.

This room is very small, so it is impossible to put more furniture in it.

Lanny has a house not too far from here.

I'm not speaking to Miriamne.

The suicide bomber fired towards former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, but missed.

Would you like to drink a bit tonight?

Now she suffers for her crime.


I wonder why no one tells the truth.

I gave one to charity.

Isn't that illegal?

This is serious.

Is the seat high?

Everybody knows who Judy is.

Leaders are trying to do away with impediments to economic growth.


I suggest you listen carefully.

That's not cheap.

What can I say about him?

We will do anything for you.

Tricia and Ken have never been close friends.

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I was up all night getting harassed.

A school is a very easy place to make people more aware of recycling because the pupils take that message home.

I met an old friend of mine.


Give to every day the chance to be the most beautiful in your life.


He introduced me to her at the party.

I have never seen any reason to be frightened of the dark.

Since his wife died, Marlena has been mother and father in one to the children.


The way he looked at me irritated me very much.

Let her show you how it's done.

He besought her to favor him.

We are prepared for the worst.

I didn't want his help, but I had to accept it.

What does it take to get a little help?

Everything will be just fine.

She gave me an appealing look.

I vividly remember my first kiss.

Kolkka and Kamel reminisced about the night they met all those years ago.

I want to watch what's on TV right now.

How much did you pay the electrician?

Don't stay in the sun too long.

Everyone laughed except him.

He doesn't mix well.

This is the very video I wanted to see.

What would you suggest that I get Morton for his birthday?

Man may invent anything, save for the art of being happy.

Without health we cannot hope for success.

I didn't bring my wedding ring with me.

The neighborhood was cut in two by the highway.

Deborah can barely speak.

He wants to learn without studying.

The girl is a nurse.

Why, what other good of learning should I enjoy?

I had a hasty breakfast and left home.

He aspired to the position of Prime Minister.

Micheal has asked us for help.

Something's happened to him.


Carole and Pim met in Boston.

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I wonder if they'll let us go home early today.

We dodged a bullet on that one.

He took two tablets of aspirin to get rid of his cold.

I want to, but I can't.

I used to stay up late.

I wonder what ear lobes are for.

I reckon you should do it.


He will, no doubt, tell the boss on me.

I was taking a bath when you called me.

I keep this baseball bat in the trunk of my car.

Oh, he was just talking about how children are the builders of tomorrow or some other bullshit.

I can't tell you how disappointed Dan was.

Let's have a contest.

OK!! Bro!! I don't want to hear any more!

Do you want to eat French, Japanese or Chinese food?

I can't remember exactly.


Father bought me a motorcycle.


I have a large family.

How about some more roast beef?

Carlos is going to be executed at midnight.

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The food is very bad.

The police ruled out the possibility of suicide in the case.

I have never been good at French.

Her only purpose in life was to get rich.

He watched the Sumo wrestling with folded arms.

I have absolute trust in you.

I don't understand why it happened.

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I live in Warsaw.

She told him off for being late.

Just tell me what Tharen wants.

There was peace all over the world.

He is a yogi.


Will you look after my baggage?

And that's when he kissed her.

Floyd pretended to be my friend.


I have no idea how it works.

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Tell me what you need and I'll tell you how to get along without it.

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Such an economic program will help the rich at the expense of the poor.

Ofer and Alice pretended they were sisters.

The 15 million pound scheme to build 600 houses will make disappear those ghettoes.


I suspect that Penny did that just to get some attention.

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You've done your job.


Now I'll demonstrate this proposal with puppets.

I don't want to spend my whole life here.

Stay there a little longer.

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She treated me to a cup of tea.


What room in your house do you spend the most time in?

Modern art means little to me.

The current debt limit stands at $15.2 trillion.

People call her Yotchan.

Spy will come to see us tomorrow.

I'm sure you knew my father.

Soap has the property of removing dirt.

It's better to have no books at all than to completely trust them.

Do you always do what Ssi tells you?

Ramesh regrets buying the car sight unseen, because it's broken down twice in two months.

Antony is opportunistic, isn't he?


My friends call me Ken.


I write to Erwan Le Bourdonnec.

Mom bought a puppy for us.

The police took the criminal away to the police station.

How long did Betty say he planned to stay with us?

He stepped on the brake.

The text of the national anthem of Canada was first written in French.

Two years later, the singer came back.

It is, even now, a book loved by men and women alike.

I thought I would die from laughter.

Come to that the uniform had a bit more starch than that I usually wear, it's a bit uncomfortable.

He gets up as early as five every morning.

The priest who speaks French will be here next week.

I was pretty happy.

I can't wait to go to college.

Napoleon was a man of authority.


It is something like a ball.

I imagine that scene

I think that she is from Brazil.

Elias said that shouldn't be a problem.

For me, every Finnish sentence is a tongue-twister.

We should be there helping Ramiro.

The Yamada's live in a flat below this one.

The frog inflated himself more and more, until finally he burst.

Many betrayed their friends for money.

Pollsters conducted a poll on the popularity of the political candidates.

My mother is, without a doubt, the most important.


You know Harry better than any of us.


As far as I know, he wasn't involved in that fraud scheme.

We're pessimistic.

Suwandi is not very happy.


No no she is very naughty.

Dewey noticed something strange.

Karl Valentin was a philosopher.

People are urinating in public.

Make hay while the sun shines.

Hubert has an amazing beard.

I've been in contact with Shankar.

Every situation requires individual analysis.

I had my composition corrected by Mr Jones.

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Huey put his wallet under the car seat.

Marty accidentally cut his hand when he was slicing carrots.

Who's your favorite person to hang out with?


Clyde sat down on the couch next to Nicholas.


My advice is to tell Marsh what he wants to know.