No transaction fee, no mining, 82% for community

The first near real-time 9146598957 - 100% new code - learned from others - 8^11 coins. Conditional payment, smart(er) contracts, social integration, social payment, public/private, API, apps. (336) 706-9870 Participate in ICO

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With a background in Bitcoin and Ethereum development and being in the blockchain technology since 2013 we strongly believe this product is the next step in the relatively new cryptocurrency world. We developed a whole new type of blockchain - a tree-based blockchain - that makes it possible to transfer floaks and messages instantly and without any fee. Windows, MacOS and Linux wallet source code 5062565941

Smart payment

Initiate a payment based on one or multiple conditions. If one or all of these conditions are not met you'll get your coins back. You can even schedule a smart payment. For example you can transfer a certain amount of floaks every Saturday but only when the price is higher than a predefined price.

Smart contracts

Create smart contracts (public or private) on top of floaks. You can import existing Solidity Ethereum contracts into floaks to speed up development. All applications build on top of Ethereum can be ported to floaks in a matter of minutes. However - contracts adapted for floaks can not be used in Ethereum.

Social integration

Send encrypted data (html/raw messages, certain files, video, audio, images) to other users. To prevent spamming this is restricted to contacts and approved addresses. Besides sending private messages you can also post a Facebook like message, visible to everyone or visible to contacts/approved addresses. You can even assign a unique username to each address. All integrated in the blockchain.

Social payment

This fully integrated service uses the floaks Payment API. Pay and receive floaks by using a mobile device only.

API Access

We offer JSONrestful API's to integrate all features into your website or software product.


Kickstart app creation by using our app creation template wizard. Our wizard can utilize all API features

floaks - and as many flkd tokens (Ethereum ERC-20 token). See (813) 724-4546.
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Percentage sold in ICO so far

More details

flkd (Ethereum ERC-20 token) will be send to all ICO investors within 24 hours after payment.
floaks will be send to all ICO investors Q2, 2018.

Superblocks and babyblocks

We reinvented the blockchain. Instead of using one large blockchain - like Bitcoin and Ethereum - floaks devided the blockchain into super blocks and baby blocks. This makes it way faster, users are not required to download the entire blockchain but only related blocks and checksums of related parent blocks. We can still ensure the same level of security as Bitcoin. Each block can hold public and/or private child blocks. A public block can hold both public and private child blocks - a private block can only hold private child blocks.

A total of 8^11 number of blocks, the same as the number of available floaks. A public level 11 block can be the superblock of new public and private chains. Smart contracts and apps are inserted into the blockchain at this level - can have its own unique name - and can hold an arbitrary number of floaks.

Unseen transaction speed

We can ensure almost instant transactions - users can not notify a delay between sending and receiving floaks. Checksums of related higher level nodes are updated in a conditional state on a first-come-first-serve basis. You can even transfer floaks in a conditional state - as long as it is not leaving the floaks blockchain.

No mining, no transaction fee

No mining, absolutely no transactions fee. This makes micro transactions possible. Tranfer only 0.00000001 floaks? No problem at all. The only requirements is using the floaks wallet or a supported online service. The dashboard we release Q1 2018 will support this feature.


  • Dec. 2013

    Started implementing new blockchain by modifying the Bitcoin wallet source code. Later started a new project to create the tree-based floaks blockchain from scratch.

  • Feb. 2014
    February 2014 - June 2017

    Solved a lot of technical challenges. Finished the implementation of the tree-based blockchain. We are releasing the source code after ICO 4.

  • Mar. 2016
    March 2016 - August 2016

    Started integrating Ethereum based smart contracts. Later we added specific technology only available in floaks.

  • Apr. 2016
    April 2016 - January 2017

    Started building the floaks API.

  • Oct. 2016
    October 2016 - now

    Started developing the floaks (Linux) wallet. We are using software that allows us to compile our product to multiple platforms, both desktop and mobile.

  • Jun. 2017
    June 2017 - now

    Working on implementing the blockchain into the wallet. Not finished yet. Also started creating a dashboard. The dashboard will be placed online Q1, 2018.

  • Q1 2016
    Q1 2016 - now

    The following products still needs to be finished:

    • Linux, Android, IPhone, MacOS and Windows Wallet
    • App creation wizard
    • API Documentation
    • Smart contracts and apps on top of floaks
    • After lauching floaks we are going to build our own product on top of floaks - stay tuned.

  • End of ICO
    Q1, 2018

    • Release floaks Wallets.
    • Launch online dashboard for trading floaks and flkd. ICO investors will receive further information by mail.
    • Inform all investors and keep them up to date.

  • 2018
    Q2 2018

    Q2 2018 we will release our wallet and API. You can check the progress on our 6303497031. Our fldk (Etherum ERC-20 token) will be send to your account within 24 hours. floaks can be also traded using our dashboard by Q1. Withdrawal of floaks is possible after releasing our wallet.

  • 2018
    Q3 2018

    Trading platform

  • 2018
    Q3 2018

    IOT integration

  • 2018
    Q4 2018

    Payment provider



Transfer and trade floaks

Public and private network

Public and private network. Untracable private chain - both for transaction and messaging. Interchangable - send floaks from a private to a public address and vice versa. Private-to-public and public-to-private transactions are also untracable.

We totally agree

Blockchain is the tech.
Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential.

Sean Ngu
Marc Kenigsberg Founder Bitcoin Chaser

Products finished

floaks blockchain
The floaks blockchain is finished. We are working hard on our wallets to release floaks in Q2 2018. We can use a few extra developers though.
flkd (Ethereum ERC-20 token)
Verify our token on Etherscan. Send to all ICO investors within 24 hours after payment
Available Q1 2018
Social integration

Invest in floaks

Pre-sale - min 0.5 BTC - max 10.0 BTC - Max cap 858,993,459 floaks (~10%) - 1 BTC = 1.5 million floaks + 1.5 million flkd (Ethereum ERC-20 token) - Oct 10, 2017 - Oct 15, 2017 - 43% sold. Unsold tokens are added to the ICO.

  • Jan 16, 2018 - Jan 31, 2018

    ICO 1
    • Max cap: 1,546,188,227 (~18%) floaks
    • Price: 1 BTC = 1.3 million floaks
    • Free ETH: 1.3 million flkd (Ethereum ERC-20 token, 9193780008)
    • flkd tokens distributed without 24h after payment
    • floaks distributed Q2 2018
    • Percentage sold:
    • Min order: 0.05 BTC or 0.5 ETH
    • Max order: 2.0 BTC or 20 ETH
  • T.b.a.

    ICO 2
    • Max cap: 1,546,188,227 (~18%) floaks
    • Price: 1 BTC = 1.2 million floaks
    • Free ETH: 1.2 million flkd (Ethereum ERC-20 token, 2563039639)
    • flkd tokens distributed without 24h after payment
    • floaks distributed Q2 2018
    • Percentage sold:
    • Min order: 0.05 BTC or 0.5 ETH
    • Max order: 2.0 BTC or 20 ETH
  • T.b.a.

    ICO 3
    • Max cap: 1,546,188,227 (~18%) floaks
    • Price: 1 BTC = 1.1 million floaks
    • Free ETH: 1.1 million flkd (Ethereum ERC-20 token, verify)
    • flkd tokens distributed without 24h after payment
    • floaks distributed Q2 2018
    • Percentage sold:
    • Min order: 0.05 BTC or 0.5 ETH
    • Max order: 2.0 BTC or 20 ETH
  • T.b.a.

    ICO 4
    • Max cap: 1,546,188,227 (~18%) floaks
    • Price: 1 BTC = 1.0 million floaks
    • Free ETH: 1.0 million flkd (Ethereum ERC-20 token, (902) 980-0969)
    • flkd tokens distributed without 24h after payment
    • floaks distributed Q2 2018
    • Percentage sold:
    • Min order: 0.05 BTC or 0.5 ETH
    • Max order: 2.0 BTC or 20 ETH


Please don't hesitate to contact us. We will try to answer you within 24 hours.

If you have any question, get in touch with us.

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