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Execution is a field that has the continues yin and yang of thought and action. We therefore look at the following core attributes in our entire employees: Leadership, intellectual curiosity and analytical skills. Putting thoughts into action is central to execution so the ability to balance and shift from thought to action is essential at FairFeat. Because we all work together, a shared set of values is vital to our success as a team.
Front - End Engineer
Job Description:
  • Converting User Interface design into HTML pages.
  • Using JavaScript to implement front-end interactions i.e. including, pop-up, check switch, picture scrolls, and much more.
  • Using CSS/JavaScript for performance tuning in order to address multiple browsers compatibility issues.
  • Majority of the work is to be done according to w3c standards.
  • Participate in Quality Assurance and testing; after the expected task is developed.
Job Requirement’s:
  • M.C.A/M.S/M.SC/B.E/B.TECH Computer Science - 2010, 2011,2012 Pass outs.
  • Familiarize with the W3C standards.
  • Proficiency in the front-end web technologies i.e. XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and HTML.
  • Must have on hand work experience in front-end web development for page structure's, layout and module's development.
  • Must hold strong interest in learning new technologies related to front-end web development.
  • Must posses R&D learning, logical thinking and good attitude towards work.
  • Familiarize with JQuery Frame work.
  • On hand work experience on HTML5/CSS3 technologies.
  • Competitive basic salary.
  • Position salary.
  • Seniority bonus.
  • Performance bonus.
  • Quarterly bonus.
  • Year–end bonus.
  • Transportation allowance.
  • Social insurance allowance.
HR - Marketing (Client Service Specialist)
Job Description:
  • Negotiations, inquiries and quotation with foreign clients.
  • Translate company procedure documents and technical files related to products.
  • Responsible to make good communication with the clients and understand their requirements via phone or by an e-mail.
  • Responsible for contracts, agreements with clients and drafting of the project document.
  • Must be able to complete other tasks assigned by supervisor on the time.
  • Responsible to collect, analyze, edit, review and preload this English Channel information into the websites.
  • Responsible for the marketing of websites and products.
  • Responsible to collect, research, and deal with the user’s feedback and other suggestions loaded into the website.
Job Requirement’s:
  • Any Bachelor degree – 2010, 2011 and 2012 Pass outs.
  • Fluency in English - reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Should be familiarize with the Marketing Information System (MIS).
  • Only Female candidates are eligible for this vacancy
  • On hand work experience in this field will be preferred.
  • Competitive basic salary.
  • Position salary.
  • Seniority bonus.
  • Performance bonus.
  • Year–end bonus.
  • Transportation allowance.
  • Social insurance allowance.
You are welcomed to join us!! Whether you are experienced / fresher. If you are a fresher and not familiarized with any of the above mentioned computer technologies, it does not matter, as we will provide you on job training.
About Us

Enabling Business Execution, Delivering Tangible Results!!!!!

FairFeat is a service provider, it is dedicated for people to facilitate services i.e. sharing and exchange of resources through its open computing and source coding technologies.

Spirit and Values of FairFeat

Commitment to Core Values Comprises the Spirit of FairFeat

FairFeat has always placed emphasis - inside and outside the firm - on a strong set of core values. FairFeat associates worldwide embrace and endorse the following integral values because they define us and describe how we conduct our business. These values are the true Spirit of FairFeat and have withstood the tests of a very challenging decade and unprecedented recessionary times.

Pledging absolute integrity. FairFeat believes in total integrity and the highest standards of conduct for all our internal and external relationships. Coupled with honesty and candor, we adhere to the code of always doing the right thing.

Maintaining one global firm and one global conduct. We will always maintain a one-firm culture, adhering globally to a common set of professional principles, client service standards, and values.

Ensuring long-term relationships with clients, employees, and partners. FairFeat invests in relationships with clients, employees, and partners with a long-term relationship in mind. We believe that our success lies in everyone's success.

Contributing to a better society. Recognizing that FairFeat plays an important role in society, we contribute to economic, social, and environmental efforts within the communities we serve.

It is a dynamic and exciting place to work, with wide range of opportunities lying ahead.

We currently have 13 employees, which include 10 Engineers and 3 designers.

At FairFeat, people make a real difference. If you want to take on new, meaningful challenges, grow professionally and be part of our team that is committed to excellence and better then the best, it’s time to join us!!!!!

What We Do
  • Find: Search For Talented Resources And Provide Right Opportunities To Them.

    Having sufficient resources and providing vice versa opportunities complements organization success. Our platform integrates product information for manufacturing enterprises in various industries around the world.

  • Organize: Consolidate Resources To Fulfill Clients Requirements.

    FairFeat team is responsible for collecting business information resources across various industries around the world. Then implement this business information into FairFeat platform, in order to provide efficient information to clients.

  • Create: Give Out Clients Requirement.

    An important functionality of FairFeat development team is to allow clients to create their own requirement items; therefore development team works towards it.

  • Follow: Chasing Clients Concerned Affairs.

    Our development platform has set up specialized topics in various industries i.e. inside information to the corresponding industry trends and business knowledge so that clients are able to pay more attention towards these topics and gain more knowledge to avoid detours in business areas.

Work At FairFeat
  • We Built High Quality Products

    We always work towards baseline “Best” and achieve the result; which is better then “Best”. If you have such an attitude and belief then you can do it beyond the best within yourself, and these will make you to be our best employee!!!!!

  • Emphasis On Design And Quality

    We first consider design for one product; once we complete the design then we work on the quality of that product. By giving emphasis to both design and quality we built an “Efficient And Effective” products.

  • Always Dare To Try And Create Something New, Rather Than Being Complacent

    Our team always takes courage to try and innovate something new and very unique. We are never satisfied with the present result and we keep on trying new things, which are challenging and stand up to the principles and expectations of the world.

  • Upgrade Training Process

    The people, who can dare to think, dare to do and keep updating their skills; FairFeat is the right place to be with. We also believe we can create unlimited opportunities and possibilities.

Mission And Values
Facilitate People To Share And Innovate New Ideas

FairFeat Corporate mission to give people the power to share, innovate their ideas and make the world more open and connected.

Core Values
  • Excellence

    We have only one trademark – excellence, excellence and excellence!!!!!!!!

  • Teamwork

    Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success.

  • Clients

    We create superior values to our clients.

  • Commitment

    We do what we say!!!!!!

  • Innovation

    We culture and reward innovation.

  • Employees

    Our employees are our strength.


FairFeat Technologies is located in Zhongcun Town, the southern of Guangzhou, with population of 103,000, with in the area of 52 sq. km. The journey to Hong Kong from here is just two hours.

Here there are many large developed communities. In which Clifford Estates is one of them. Asia's largest community lives here and most of them are Indian families. Indians residing here are engaged in design and management in jewelry industry nearby. Their children enrolled in local English schools. Zhongcun is an important transportation hub in Guangzhou. These include Intercity Express high-speed, Metro Line and Guangzhou New Railway Station, the largest scale all over the Asia.


FairFeat is an equal opportunity employer. It will not discriminate against any employee on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, national origin, veteran status, or any other factor made unlawful by applicable law and regulations.

It is committed to provide workplace free from any discrimination or harassment. FairFeat has enough policies and procedures to safe guard employee integrity and democracy.

Outdoor And Entertainment

Evening does not disperse the lively to a halt. Infect for most of the people here, there personal life begins in evening.

There are services i.e. entertainment and personal life commodities. These offering wont get closed until midnight.

After working hours, talking a walk at Dafushan forest park, singing in a KTV or testing some authentic Chinese food are good choices. As Guangzhou is a modern metropolis, there are still many interesting places for you to spend a pleasant weekend.


FairFeat provides free dormitory service for its employees.

Both male and female employees working with us are been provided with separate dormitories.

These dormitories are been provided with well diverse facilities, which makes employees living very luxurious and comfortable.

Benefits And Perks
Our employees tell us that the most important feature, benefit we offer is the work itself – the chance to solve interesting problems while having a positive impact on the society and world. We also offer a long list of benefits, including:
  • Free living in dormitory.
  • Free food and drinks.
  • Accident Life Insurance.
  • Medical and Hospital insurance.
  • Paid vacations, holidays and annual leave.
  • En Round – trip airfare awards (As a reward, for those working with us for more then a year, she / he will be rewarded one round trip airfare of India and China).
  • Employee share scheme.
  • Chinese language training program.
Contact Us
Start building your career with FairFeat Technologies!!!!! Join us and help to shape a unique organization at FairFeat, Apply today!!!!! Interested candidates can send their resumes to the below mentioned e-mail addresses...