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The Big Question

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Plan an investigation and get the class talking about what if stopped

Ages 5 – 7

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What If...


Challenge the class to think about how did felt weird like?

Ages 9 – 11

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Problem Solvers

Whispering rock

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Ages 5 – 7


Join Maddie Moate and help your pupils think like scientists!

Discover the wonder of sound with Maddie's roarsome Problem Solver! Observe a toy car that seems to move all on its own, or follow an inquisitive little hedgehog as it explores its environment. It's easier than ever to start Explorifying!

Your Explorify progress

after 1-3 activities

Open-ended activities encourage better creative thinking and discussion.

after 4-7 activities

Improved observation, vocabulary and listening enables children to explain ideas more clearly.

after 8-10 activities

Increasing confidence, improved questioning and thinking helps children apply their ideas in new contexts.

98% of surveyed teachers would recommend Explorify!

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