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Healthy Eating And Living

Before Answering the Questions above. Check out the information videos on this website in the areas that interest you. Choose the food style you like best and would like trying. Ask Your Self do I need to live healthy, and gain weight, or lose weight, and still live healthy? If you like meat there is some information on this web site for the best types of free range and organic meat. Most all of your local grocery stores sell some type of fresh meat, but it may not be grass fed, or organic. To find out what is in Feed Lot fed beef, check out the Preservatives page. Healthy foods is found on Foods page, and Gardening page. Then Go to the internet and do your research, on the  information  you are looking for do not stop with us. Check every thing out for your self. Then after you have decided answer the questions above. I believe that by cutting out the bad Food and only buying the good Food. You may find that you do not spend very much more money than you already spend.      

This Website Includes. Healthy Eating And Living. Healthy Living At Home. Healthy Living For Kids. Healthy Food Lists.  Healthy Eating Habits. Gardening at Home and in Home.  How to Grow Sprouts, and How make Diet Juice Recipes.

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The Information on this website is just for your information and nothing more than that Information. R Smart Solutions takes no responsibility for any of the Information presented  to be completely Factual. This web site is a collection of Movies and Videos down loaded from YouTube. The affiliate page is a list of Companies we advertise for. They have products and Information available for you to view or to purchase. The Spiritual page is taken from the New International Version, or the King James Version Bible. This page R Smart Solutions does support Scriptures to be completely True and Factual.  Movies are taken from the Visual Bible down loaded from YouTube. Music Videos are also down loaded from YouTube.        

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For no one hates there own body. No one wants to live in Pain, Suffering, Live with Cancer, or some type of Disease. With this said. How much Would You Pay to live in good health? Would you put a price on your own body, your Spouses or your Children's Bodies, NO. We all put a price tag on everything else, Cars, Play Toys, Food, Health Care, Insurance, Fitness programs, and all other things. What about a Good Healthy Life? If like me for so many years, I said "I can not afford those Expensive Vitamins, or all that Organic Food stuff". Well How wrong I was. After Several Heart Attacks, and a Stroke. I came to realize that I could afford to live a healthy live style. Now my Food, Vitamins, Minerals are paid for before any thing else. Live to be 65, or 100. Just Saying.           


How much money would you spend on good HEALTH?

How much money is spent on FOOD?

How much money is spent on bad FOOD?

How much money is spent on nutritious FOOD?

How much extra money will you spend on nutritious FOOD?

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Here is a list of websites. Where you can buy products, find information on different subjects. The links will take you to the companies that supply the best products or information.

250-329-7060Five Star Soap Products.

My Patriot Supply Premium Heirloom Seeds.

(512) 502-9383 With Gardening Video's.

724-317-8593  Get Involved.

GMO Free Food List  Nourished Kitchen.

MSN Health and Fitness Truth About Weight-Loss Supplements.

313-584-8006tell the Truth about GMO Products.

Learn Organic Gardening from Growing Your Own Greens.

When Your Feeling Bad and Down Watch This.

Cancer Cures. This link is for the Dr. Budwig Cancer Center. Where you can find all types of information on Cancer.