Color is the next generation platform for high-performance sophisticated decentralized
applications (dApps). Color utilizes its 'Spectrum' technology that enables enterprise-level speed and scalability while hosting thousands of
dApps. Color dApps will be powered by a single unifying cryptocurrency the "Color Coin (COL)". The New Color Standard. Think Color.



The Color Platform utilizes 'Color Spectrum' technology to revolutionize the dApp Ecosystem. The 'Pixel Program' supports the fair distribution of tokens and simultaneously growthhack the initial userbase through network effect mechanisms. The new P2P consensus algorithm solves the problem that Ethereum has been confronting.

    Color Spectrum separates data streams from code and effectively manages concurrent execution of sophisticated dApps. Color Spectrum technology
    consists of distinct layers for data processing and committing data into blockchain. Spectrum enables users to use dApps in their daily life.
    Pixels come together and create a Picture. Fair distribution of tokens has always been a problem. This is why the Color Platform is focused on the fair distribution early tokens and the continued usage of tokens. The "Pixel Program" is a network effect driven referral program that distributes "Pixels". Pixels are awarded on a periodic basis. Pixels in their original form do not have any value. The only way Pixels have value is by sending Pixels to other users. Once a new user receives a Pixel, the Pixel will be converted into Color Coins. The "Conditional Sharing Mechanism" aims to disincentivize hoarding and increase overall user participation in the system.
  • Color Pay
    PUF will be at the heart of the Color Platform, facilitating truly P2P transactions between its users. The Color Platform utilizes a hybrid software/hardware blockchain that enables lightning-fast decentralized computing. Traditional blockchains have been characterized by slow transaction speeds and poor scalability. PUF chips have their own unique digital fingerprints that occur during the manufacturing process of semiconductors, and thus can function as a cryptographic identification mechanism capable of signing transactions directly with the other party. As a result, Color Platform does not require mining nor third-party verification during the transaction, enabling much faster transaction speeds than even Visa or Mastercard.


We are still reliant on prototype level dApps that are plagued with scalability issues. Color aims to revolutionize the dApp ecosystem by developing Enterprise-Level dApps. The Color Team has dedicated massive amounts of resources to build Mega dApps. Currently, there are already more than 10 dApps being developed on the Color Platform. Color dApps are powered by the single unifying Color Coin (COL), thereby making all the applications interoperable.

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<Color Spectrum>
  • Dailytto

    Lottery- based Online Advertising Platform

    • Free daily lottery tickets with higher possibility of winning
    • Profitable Advertising Platform
    • Over 10M downloads
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    Dailytto is a lottery-based reward application. It is a compensating online advertising platform that uses blockchain technology to assist in retargeting and sending out appropriate promotions and rewards.

    Users earn lottery tickets when they engage in rewarding ads by downloading the app, registering for the website, watching the video ads and referring friends, etc. The winning lottery numbers are decided by an algorithm for choosing the 5 numbers that are voted the least by the lottery applicants. With blockchain technology, no one can fabricate or predict the results.

    As Dailytto applies a lottery system that’s familiar to over 500 million people, it will be able to scale up globally.

  • Reward Inc

    Reward App Based on Level-up Game

    • A level up game app to get to work and get promoted
    • Withdraw game rewards in color coins
    • 50,000+ downloads in 1 month
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    Reward Inc. is a reward app where users can earn promotion points through simple activities such as attendance, watching in advertisements and inviting friends.

    Users are divided into 12 ranks from intern to president based on points they’ve earned within the app. Reward Inc is very similar to 'level up' games. When users are promoted, they are able to earn more points and exchange them for Color Coin.

    'Promotion' is the most important factor to earn more points on Reward Inc.

  • Color Design

    Ranking Chart-based Interior Design Platform

    • Store customer evaluation data in blockchain
    • The cost will be 90% less than existing interior platform apps
    • Designers earn Color Points(CP) based on evaluation rank
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    Color Design is an interior platform supported by the The Chosun Ilbo (Korean newspaper publishing company), and Living Sense (One of the most famous Korean Home & Lifestyle magazine). It is an interior design platform based on the ranking chart.

    Color Design stores and manages information such as interior designs, customer evaluation data, and user information on the blockchain. Color Design simplifies the process and reduces costs to a mere 10% compared with existing interior platforms.

    Customers who take part in a design project assessment will be rewarded with Color tokens based on the accuracy of evaluation. If designs are ranked at the top of the daily chart, designers will be rewarded with the Color tokens according to their rank. Color Design’s ranking system based on the blockchain technology will help effective selection of interior design companies.



  • Total number of tokens

  • 500,000,000 COL
  • Exchange Rate

  • 1 ETH = 2000 COL


  • Token Generation Event
    350,000,000 COL
  • Team & Advisor
    50,000,000 COL
  • Bounty & Partnership
    50,000,000 COL
  • Platform Reserve
    50,000,000 COL


The Color Platform whitepaper is published! The Color Platform revolutionize the dApp ecosystem by developing enterprise-level dApps. Check out the whitepaper and see the well-thought-out plan of the Color Platform!


Here is the roadmap for the Color Platform

Milestone 1 November 2018 Milestone 2 December 2018 Milestone 3 May 2019 Milestone 4 December 2019
Coins TGE Color Token(COL) for Reward dApps Color Coin(COL) for Color MainNet and Color dApps
Color Spectrum
(Main Platform)
POC (Proof of Concepts) Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
  • Basic service node
  • Dedicated infrastructure for running service nodes and storage
  • Private permissioned blockchain
  • Basic dApp deployment facility
  • Wallet
Color VM for service nodes
(Java, Javascript, and C++)
  • Service nodes load balancing
  • Protocols for geographically distributed infrastructure
  • dApp deployment framework
Color Development Kit
  • Java, Javascript, C++
  • Development tools (debugger, profiler, test framework)
  • Safety and security tools (static analysis, fuzzing)
  • Network analysis tools

Third-party nodes in the system
Third-party wallets

Block Builder with
Color Consensus
POC Validation and Verification TestNet MainNet
dApps Dailytto , Reward Inc, Color Design, Color Guide, and Color Blog Pixel Program,other dApps Color Gallery, Media, Music, O2O, more dApps
Color Pay Proof of Concepts Color Pay V1.0 Color Pay V2.0 with Pixel Program


Check out the latest news from Color.


  • CK Park
    CK Park


    Changki is the foremost blockchain evangelists in Korea. He founded one of the earliest blockchain project in Korea and serves as a keynote blockchain speaker. Changki is most renowned for founding Paxnet Inc., the Bloomberg of Korea. He has also founded Finger Inc., served as the London Office Manager CJ, and acted as the former head of the Financial Engineering Research Center at the State University of New York (SUNY).


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  • Young K Choe
    Young K Choe


    Young is a software professional having broad experiences from development to top management, from theories to practices at various global companies and organizations including NVIDIA, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, North Carolina State University. He has expertise in software engineering, compiler and language technology, and blockchain. He is also experienced in Investment analysis and due diligence for M&A.


  • Yongwook, Lee
    Yongwook Lee


    Initially working as an accountant in the US, and later being in charge of movie distribution at CJ, he became a Chief Operating Officer of a Thai local securities firm taken over through M&A. Based on his working experience in variety of different industries and fields, he is now currently working as a CFO at Color Platform.


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  • Nikolay Pakulin PhD
    Nikolay Pakulin PhD


    Nikolay Pakulin graduated from Faculty of Control and Applied Mathematics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) in 1998. He is a senior researcher at the Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISPRAS) where he has 17 years of enriched experience. He obtained a Ph.D. degree for work on "Formalization of Standards and Test Suites for Internet Protocols."


    (956) 467-4418
  • Jeremy Kwon
    Jeremy Kwon


    He received his B.S degree in Industrial Management at KAIST. He has held CEO position in Korea Enterprise Investment Co., Korea M&A Co., and KTB Entertainment Co.. He has also participated in foundation, investment and management of various internet companies such as Auction, JobKorea, NDoors and MaxMovie.


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  • Ho Chan Ryu
    Ho Chan Ryu


    Ryu Ho-chan majored in mathematics at Seoul National University and has been working in various sectors such as technology development, marketing, and new growth projects in the IT field. Ryu Ho-chan was the Smart City Business Leader at SKC & C, SmartBiz Team Leader at POSCO ICT while focusing on Smart Solution Businesses such as the Energy Business. Currently, he is the Policy Advisor of KBIPA (Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association) and the Head of R&D at Color Platform


  • Mikhail Levin
    Mikhail Levin

    Head of R&D - Russia

    Dr. Levin has an outstanding experience in Applied Mathematics, Scientific Programming, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Algorithm Design. Previously, he worked at various global companies including Huawei, MB Software AG and Samsung etc. He is currently working as an vice president of Color R&D center in Moscow.


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  • JunMook Kim
    JunMook Kim

    Director of Advisor

    Junmook Kim has held various positions including CEO of the Korea Culture Promotion Inc. and president of the Sports Seoul, and he also considerably contributed to accelerate consumption of the gift vouchers. Currently, he is working as a chairman of the Innovative Economy Forum and focusing on fostering venture businesses based on his broad business consulting experiences.


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  • Min Park
    Min Park


    Min Park is a blockchain marketing specialist that has managed ICO campaigns for: ICON ($42M), MediBloc ($30M), EdenChain ($24M), and Pibble ($21M). Currently, he is the acting CMO for Color Platform. He also serves as an Advisor for various blockchain projects. Min graduated from London University, Soas.





  • Byungsoo Jung
    Byungsoo Jung

    Core Development

    He has vast experiences in development and analysis from cryptocurrency trading system to blockchain core development. He is currently making web and mobile wallet integrating with PUF embedded device for Color.


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  • Hyungwon Chae
    Hyungwon Chae

    Core Development

    He received his B.S. in Civil Environmental Engineering from U of I and organized Global Hackathon Seoul 2015. He has vast experiences in development and data analysis from his startup and Udacity online mentoring. He is currently writing the white paper for Color.


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  • Artyom Vorobyov
    Artyom Vorobyov

    QA / Infra

    As a technical process architect at Softeq, Artyom Vorobyov has developed several processes applied company-wide including education pipeline for technical experts. Besides establishing development processes, He is deeply interested in technical aspects of software development including core blockchain technology and solution architecture.


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  • Vitaliy Korolev
    Vitaliy Korolev

    QA / Infra

    Vitaliy Korolev is an experienced QA engineer working in the information technology and services industry for over 7 years. He is experienced in building a quality assurance team from scratch and maintaining testing processes. He is a strong engineering professional, graduated from Minsk Radioengineering College.


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  • Evgeny Kachanovsky
    Evgeny Kachanovsky

    DevOps Engineer

    Evgeny has an extensive experience in DevOps including infrastructure setup, configuration and monitoring. Infrastructure includes such parts as collaboration tools, different application environments, test networks, continuous integration services etc.

    (619) 986-9727

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  • Jongnam Lim
    Jongnam Lim

    Platform Development

    Jongnam Lim has been running a software company specialized in NLP and AI for over 20 years. With world class automatic translation software based on natural language processing(NLP), he partnered up with ROK-US Combined Forces Command, The Defense Ministry of Korea, and Samsung Electronics for major projects. He also developed the middleware, the core software of RFID, which was used by government agencies and many private organizations.


  • Heungseok Chaed
    Heungseok Chae

    Platform Development

    Hungseok Chae has broad development experiences in NLP, RFID and IOT areas for over 20 years. He has analyzed bitcoin core and libbitcoin library sources and been developing cryptocurrency software and electronic wallets. He is currently developing a service platform based on distributed business logic and blockchain technology. He mainly uses c, c ++, c #, Java, go languages and develops in OS environments such as Windows, Linux and Android.

    (805) 619-2108

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  • Heungtaek Park
    Heungtaek Park

    Platform Development

    Hongtaek Park worked on R&D for NLP and blockchain service model based on Hyperledger fabric over 10 years. With more than 25 years of enriched experience, he is working on the convergence of cloud based service and blockchain based service platform. He uses c, c ++, c #, python, Java, nodeJS, go languages and develops in Windows and Linux.

    (408) 404-1746

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  • Joonyoung Park
    Joonyoung Park

    Platform Development

    Junyoung Park has been dedicating his work on development for more than 20 years. He worked on R&D for NLP and blockchain service model based on Hyperledger fabric over 10 years. Currently, he is working on security of terminal nodes for blockchain wallet.


  • Kijung Lee
    Kijung Lee

    Platform Development

    Kijung Lee has been developing web platform, web service and front and back-end of system. Currently, he is developing sequential messaging technology using asynchronous event in web service platform based on Blockchain. He develops in various environments such as Java Application, Java Network, Jsp, Windows, Linux, Oracle, Mysql and Sybase.


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  • Younghwan Kim
    Younghwan Kim

    Platform Development

    Yonghwan Kim has been devoted on developing web platform, web service, electronic payment and CAS/DRM digital contents protection technology for more than 10 years. Currently, he is working on analyzing and developing blockchain based Web-App hybrid interface. He uses Java and Jsp and develops in multiple environments such as Windows, Linux, Oracle, MySQL, Node.js and jQuery.


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  • Jiheon Yi
    Jiheon Yi

    S/W Development

    He is responsible for planning and developing web services and database related development. He participated in various works related to studying the online platform as a social tool. He is convinced that the decentralization will be the leading characteristics of the future society and is now searching for models that link these with the technology governance affiliated with blockchain.


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  • Joonkyu Kim
    Joonkyu Kim

    Backend Development

    He received B.S in Industrial Engineering, and has worked on service planning in the web services division. He is now working as a web service developer in the Delicracy project.


  • Yujin Park
    Yujin Park

    UX Designer

    She has worked as game designer and product manger in various companies such as NHN, CJ internet, and as Social media & Local based service product designer at SK C&C Metaverse project. She is now working as a UX Designer at Color Platform.


    (617) 278-7456


  • Nickie Hwang
    Nickie Hwang

    Marketing Manager

    Nickie Hwang has several years of experience managing diverse marketing projects and campaigns at global security company including Symantec and Veritas Singapore and Korea. She joined the blockchain industry to explore a new field, and currently she is a marketing manager at Color Platform.


  • Brandon Knodel
    Brandon Knodel

    Blockchain Evangelist

    Brandon has spent most of his career in IT for large organizations like Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, and AT&T. Brandon has been a cryptocurrency expert since 2013, and now assists various teams at Color with technical writing, planning, and even blogging.


  • Ryan Kang
    Ryan Kang

    Front-end Developer

    Ryan Kang has around 10 years of broad experience in online business industry including Lotte Lpoint, and he has been mainly in charge of front-end development and project management. Currently, he is working as a web developer and creating and managing the Color Platform website.

    (513) 388-3024

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  • EunJin Lee
    EunJin Lee

    Contents Creator

    Eunjin Lee studied international business at HUFS, and geography education at Ewha womans University. She has experience in education, art, and environment industry and posseses visualization ability and data analysis skills. Currently, she is in charge of contents creation and blog management.


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  • Dave Park
    Dave Park


    Dave Park has experience working in the video contents team at NEXON, and he is also a Youtube creator. Currently, he is working as a PD in the media team at Color Platform and in charge of conference planning and PR.


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  • Jung Eun Gong
    Jung Eun Gong

    Community Manager

    She graduated from DongGuk University and has broad experience working in NewYork in International Sales and Marketing field. Currently, she is a community manager at the Color Platform marketing team, and in charge of advertisement and community management.


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  • Hannah Kim
    Hannah Kim

    Community Manager

    She graduated from Ewha Womans University and has experience in advertising and performance analysis based on big data both in Korea and China. Currently, She is a community manager in Color Platform, and in charge of advertisement and community management.


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  • Jongwon Kim
    Jongwon Kim


    Jongwon Kim is the CEO of Governtech. Currently, he is leading a business that applies blockchain technology to the local government and public institutions. Governtech is mainly providing a blockchain voting solution and cryptocurrency governance voucher solution services.


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  • May Kim
    May Kim

    Planning Manager

    She received her degree in Language. She has experience in planning and managing online chatting and music streaming at Neowiz. After working at a FinTech start-up, she is now the service planning manager at Color Platform.




  • Cho, Yoon A
    Yoon A Cho

    HR Manager

    She received her degree in Travel and Tourism Management and Arts. She worked in recruitment and human resources at foreign-base companies such as IBM and NVIDIA. She is now the HR manager at Color Platform.


  • Jackson Byun
    Jackson Byun


    Jackson Byun has exprience in running an E-commerce company and fund management. Currently he is working as an assistant manager in finance team, and in charge of cryptocurrency analysis and fund management.

    (856) 740-2708

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  • Jason Baik
    Jason Baik


    Jason Baik has broad experience in management support and safety management in the electronics industry. Currently, he is working as an assistant manager in general affairs team.




  • Chris Howard
    Chris Howard


    Chris Howard is the Founder and CEO of Softeq Development Corporation, a 20-year old leading technical software services company with offices in the US, Europe. With over 30 years of industry experience in the technology and software development space, he is the founder of multiple businesses and an active angel investor in over 50 startups. Besides, he is also interested in IOT, Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Security and Robotics.


    (504) 866-8610
  • John David
    John David


    John David is a Chief Fintech Strategist, Bitcoin & Blockchain Evangelist & Investor. He is also a Certified Bitcoin Expert from Blockchain Council, California. He has been involved extensively in the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Markets for the past substantial years. He is the Founder of Global Legacy Alliance PLT, a Business Solutions Consulting firm in Malaysia and CryptoTech Ventures & Consultancy Limited in Papua New Guinea.


  • Sven Lung
    Sven Lung


    Sven Lung, based in London, serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Green Park Content operating the first Content Retargeting Distribution Network and retargeting Content Assets towards 10 million crypto investors. He worked as a Venture Partner at Draper Esprit, which is one of Europe’s most experienced venture capital investors. He specializes in marketing consulting for the fields related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution including cryptocurrencies, blockchain, fintech etc.


    (580) 962-5411
  • Juan Pablo Orlando
    Juan Pablo Orlando

    Business Development

    Juan Orlando has spent his career at the financial institutions such as HSBC Bank, American Express, and Merryll Lynch for over 7 years. Moreover, he taught finance for the Accounting Department at UADE University. He specializes in advising companies on how to implement blockchain & smart contracts solutions.


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  • Jill Carrigan
    Jill Carrigan


    Jill Carrigan is a Chief Operating Officer of IngleDodd Media, and she has over 20 years of experience as a founder, innovator, and early-adopter of multiple online businesses in entertainment, music, subscription, and retail industries. She is also a renowned entrepreneur who has completed Executive Blockchain Program at Draper University, located in California.


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  • Chenhao Zhang
    Chenhao Zhang


    Chenhao Zhang leads Gold Sand Capital. Prior to founding Gold Sand, he served as managing director of Pacific Epoch. He also worked as a vice president at a Goldman Sachs division for 5 years. Chenhao holds a CFA charter. He gained a BA in economics from the University of Western Ontario and MA in economics from the University of Toronto. Currently, he specializes in asset management and private equity investment and invests in a blockchain and crypto asset.


  • Elina Yurina
    Elina Yurina

    Vice president

    Elina Yurina has 17 years of extensive hands-on experiences, she had worked in the field of business, especially business relations, M&A, IPO, joint venture, private equity investment projects, exits, and fundraising. Also, she has multiple years of experiences in governmental relations including foreign authorities and administrative issues. She currently serves as an advisor & investor in promising blockchain projects with a long-term growth potential.

    (314) 500-9875

  • Harrison Ding
    Harrison Ding


    Harrison Ding has diverse experiences with fortune 500 companies in various aspects of global strategy, M&A, operations, emerging market expansion, technology management. He understands both western and eastern cultures and is devoted to globalization and expansion of Asian high tech businesses.


  • Arutyun I. Avetisyan
    Arutyun I. Avetisyan


    Arutyun I. Avetisyan received his PhD and Doctor of Science in Computer Science at the ISP RAS. He is the director of the Ivannikov ISP RAS, and a member of the Council of the President of the Russian Federation for Science and Education. His research interests lie in software security and parallel and distributed computing.


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  • David Thaw
    David Thaw


    David Thaw is an internationally-recognized expert on cybersecurity. He has several years’ experience both working as an attorney and working in IT management and computer programming. Dr.Thaw received both his Ph.D. in information systems and his law degree from UC Berkeley. He currently is a professor at the University of Pittsburgh with appointments in law, computing and information, and public affairs.


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  • Takeshi Natsuno
    Takeshi Natsuno


    Takeshi Natsuno is one of the leading expert on the Internet and mobile multimedia. He was elected as an advisory board member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and he is a board member of various global companies including Oracle Japan, Ubicom Holding Inc. He currently is a professor at the Keio University with appointments in media and governance.


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